Moonshadow Belgian Shepherds, Australia


2006 Groenendale Puppy Portraits


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These are individual, portrait style photos of Rhianne and Paco's puppies

taken on 8 December 2006, at five and one-half weeks of age.  They have

different coloured collars on, so that they could be identified. The

names shown below correspond with the colour of the collar.


Boy front 1  Boy front 2     Browngirl front  Browngirl side     Redgirl front  Redgirl side

                          The Boy                       Brown Collared Girl           Red Collared Girl


Pandagirl front 1  Pandagirl side 1  Pandagirl side 2     Greengirl front 1  Greengirl front 2  Greengirl side 1  

                   Panda Coloured Collar Girl                                           Green Collared Girl


Tigergirl front 1   Tigergirl front 2   Tigergirl side 1   Tigergirl side 2   Tigergirl side 3

                                                        Tiger Coloured Collar Girl


Pinkgirl cute   Pinkgirl front 1   Pinkgirl side 1   Pinkgirl side 2   Pinkgirl side 3

Pink Collared Girl



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