Moonshadow Belgian Shepherds, Australia


2006 Groenendale Puppy Photos - Week 4


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Below are photos of Rhianne and Paco's puppies during

their fourth week of life, taken during the 22-26 November 2006 period.  

Standing up and walking were exciting new activities,

they got their first trips into their outdoor puppy play pen,

lots of new toys to play with, and of course more cuddles with more visitors!


DSCF0576a   DSCF0577a   DSCF0578a   DSCF0579a   DSCF0580a


DSCF0589a   DSCF0594a   DSCF0595a   DSCF0599a   DSCF0601a


DSCF0604a   DSCF0606a   DSCF0608a   DSCF0610a   DSCF0612a


DSCF0613a   DSCF0614a   DSCF0615a   DSCF0616a   DSCF0617a


DSCF0620a   DSCF0624a   DSCF0625a   DSCF0626a   DSCF0627a



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