Moonshadow Belgian Shepherds, Australia


2006 Groenendale Puppy Photos - Week 3


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Here are photos of Rhianne and Paco's puppies during

their third week of life, taken on 14, 15 and  18 November.  

Sitting up was a favorite activity, climbing was cool, and

cuddles with some of their first visitors were happily received!


DSCF0469a   DSCF0471a   DSCF0472a   DSCF0474a   DSCF0476a


DSCF0478a   DSCF0479a   DSCF0482a   DSCF0483a   DSCF0485a


DSCF0487a   DSCF0488a   DSCF0490a   DSCF0497a   DSCF0504a


  DSCF0512a   DSCF0513a   DSCF0516a   DSCF0520a


DSCF0524a   DSCF0528a   DSCF0530a   DSCF0535a   DSCF0542a


   DSCF0548a   DSCF0549a   DSCF0551a   DSCF0554a


DSCF0555a   DSCF0556a   DSCF0557a   DSCF0562a   DSCF0565a



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