Moonshadow Belgian Shepherds, Australia


2006 Groenendale Litter - First Puppy Photos


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Here are photos of Rhianne and Paco's puppies

during their second week, puppies aged 7-12 days old.

Their eyes were beginning to open, and some were starting to walk.

Rhianne continued to be a great mum with lots of feeding, cleaning and loving nuzzles!



DSCF0419a  DSCF0421a  DSCF0423a  DSCF0426a


DSCF0427a  DSCF0428a  DSCF0442a  DSCF0443a


DSCF0446a   DSCF0448a  DSCF0452a  DSCF0468a



Below are photos of Rhianne and Paco's puppies

during their first week  1-7 November 2006



DSCF0374b     DSCF0376b     DSCF0379a  


DSCF0386a    DSCF0391a    DSCF0392a 


  DSCF0394a     DSCF0320a    DSCF0324a


Click here to see the following week's general puppy photos!


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