Moonshadow Belgian Shepherds, Australia


Puppy Photos - 2006 Groenendale Litter


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Here we have photos of Rhianne and Paco's puppies

during their fifth and sixth weeks of life, taken on

27-28th of November and the 5th of December 2006.

Visitors during these two weeks included cousins from England,

neighbours and their friends and children, and the nuns from Kerever Park.


Photos from 27 and 28 November, 2006


DSCF0629a   DSCF0631a   DSCF0633a   DSCF0637a   DSCF0638a  


 DSCF0639a  DSCF0642a   DSCF0641a   DSCF0647a   DSCF0648a


DSCF0654a   DSCF0659a   DSCF0661a   DSCF0663a   DSCF0665a


DSCF0668a   DSCF0672a   DSCF0676a   DSCF0678a


Photos from 5th December, 2006


DSCF0729a   DSCF0732a   DSCF0734a   DSCF0736a   DSCF0738a   DSCF0741a


DSCF0744a   DSCF0745a   DSCF0753a   DSCF0755a   DSCF0762a



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