Moonshadow Belgian Shepherds, Australia


2008 Groenendael Litter - Fourth Set of Puppy Photos


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Here is the fourth set of photos of Roxie and Tzar's puppies

born on 16th September 2008

There are 4 girls and 3 boys

Puppies in the pictures are around 3 weeks old.

As shown below, big events of the week included their first visitors,

and their first trip to their playpen outside!


DSCF3241a  DSCF3243a  


DSCF3244a  DSCF3255a


DSCF3250a  DSCF3261a


DSCF3230a  DSCF3286a  DSCF3287a


DSCF3290a  DSCF3293a  DSCF3295a





To view the third set of photos taken at around two weeks of age, click here


To go to the main litter page for information on the parents, pedigree and new family homes,  click here!



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