Belgian Shepherd and Japanese Spitz Puppies


Moonshadow Kennels, Australia


2014 Belgian Shepherd Tervueren Litter

Fifth Set of Puppy Photos


We were delighted to announce the birth of Dream and Skeetís puppies

on 14th November 2014. There are 4 girls and 3 boys. Dream is being a fantastic mother and the puppies are all thriving.


Below is a selection from the fifth group of pictures of this litter taken during the pupsí fifth week. Because the rain has eased up, they were able to spend much of their days outside in their outdoor playground. They were also more able to play with each other and wrestling was the order of the day.


DSCF6858a.jpg†† DSCF6860a.jpg


DSCF6862a.jpg†† DSCF6867a.jpg


DSCF6869a.jpg†† DSCF6883a.jpg





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Click here for information on the parents, the pedigree and photos of the puppies leaving to go to their new familes.



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