Moonshadow Belgian Shepherds, Australia


2012 Tervueren Litter – Sixth Set of Puppy Photos


We were delighted to announce the birth of Dream and Skeet’s puppies

on 10th April 2012


There are 4 girls (1 red & 3 grey) and 2 boys (1 red & 1 grey).

Dream continues to be a fantastic mother and the puppies are all thriving.


This sixth set of pictures shows Dream and the pups on 24 May, 2012, during their sixth week of life. They have now grown into lovely young belgian shepherd tervueren puppies, and most now have their ears up, or at least one ear up!  They are a confident and contented group of puppies, happily playing chasey with each other or playing with their toys, and they play much more gently with each other now. Dream is no longer feeding them, in preparation for going to their new homes, and they are happily eating solid foods such as puppy biscuits and chicken mince. 


The puppies had their 1st visit to the vet this week for their first vaccination and microchip, which they all handled well, happily greeting the vet and nurse. The vet pronounced all the puppies as being healthy and robust.  We have had a number of visitors to our home, and all the puppies enjoy meeting new people and being handled by kind and loving hands.


For this week we have included below two portrait-style photos of each puppy. Most of them have been given their call or pet names by their new owners, and these are included below.


First is “Toby” (previously known as “Red boy”)


DSCF5380a.jpg   DSCF5379a.jpg


Next we have "Zephyr"  (previously known as “Grey boy”)


DSCF5397a.jpg   DSCF5394a.jpg


Then there is "Freja"  (previously known as “Red girl”)


DSCF5416a.jpg   DSCF5414a - Copy.jpg


And next we have the first of the three grey girls,

“Phyllis” (previously known as “Black girl”)


DSCF5439a.jpg   DSCF5442a.jpg


Then the second of the three grey girls, “Mali”,

(previously known as “Dot girl”)


DSCF5478a.jpg   DSCF5460a - Copy.jpg


And finally the third of our three grey girls,

“Bella”, (previously known as “Blaze girl”)


DSCF5502a.jpg   DSCF5486a - Copy.jpg


Click here for information on the parents, the pedigree and to access their individual webpages.


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