Moonshadow Belgian Shepherds, Australia


2008 Tervueren Litter - Second Set of Puppy Photos


Click on a photo to see an enlargement of it!


Here are more photos of Bonny and Paco's puppies born on 20th June 2008

There are 6 girls (4 red & 2 grey) and 3 boys (all red)

Puppies in the pictures are around one week old!


   DSCF2713a   DSCF2702a   DSCF2720a


DSCF2728a   DSCF2729a   DSCF2739a


DSCF2749a   DSCF2752a   DSCF2753a


DSCF2756a   DSCF2758a   DSCF2764a


DSCF2768a   DSCF2769a   DSCF2771a


To view the first set of puppy photos, taken when they were only one day old, click here


To go to the main litter page for information on the parents, pedigree and new family homes, click here!



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