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D.O.B. 10/4/2012





“Phyllis” has joined Belgian “Ebony” on the Central Coast of NSW with Sam and Leanne and Dave. Pictured above is Sam (centre) and friends with Phyllis on her way to her new home.


April 2015 saw Phyllis celebrating her 3rd Birthday. She is shown below keeping watch out the front window.  Sadly, Leanne reported that Ebony had passed away, age 15, in January. She is greatly missed by all, especially by Phyllis.


Phyllis 3rd BD April 15a.jpg


Next, we see Phyllis celebrating her first Birthday on 10 April 2013.

The now big Birthday girl and friend Ebony are shown below.


Phyllis April 13 1a.jpg  Phyllis April 13 2a.jpg


Phyllis April 13 3a.jpg



Below are the first pictures of Phyllis having fun at her new home, and sleeping.

Also shown is her new “big sister” Ebony.


Phyllis 065a.jpg  Phyllis 067a.jpg


Phyllis 0641a.jpg  Phyllis friend Ebony 054a.jpg



Thanks to Leanne, more pictures from late June, 2012 show Phyllis

relaxing outside with Ebony


Phyllis 0061a.jpg  Phyllis 0151a.jpg


And enjoying a bit of telly with Ebony and the boys


Phyllis 010a.jpg  Phyllis 0081a.jpg


And we have some pictures of Phyllis and Ebony

enjoying Christmas 2012 at the beach and at home.


Phyllis Christmas 2012 008.jpg  Phyllis Christmas 2012 021.jpg


Phyllis Christmas 2012 024.jpg  Phyllis Christmas 2012 026.jpg


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