Moonshadow Belgian Shepherds, Australia



Vale Paco

2 December 1997 - 5 April 2010


Australian Grand Champion and English Champion

Corsini Lysnder (Imported from the UK)


Much to our sorrow, our handsome boy Paco departed from us on 5 April, 2010 at the age of 12 years. Well known amongst Tervueren fanciers in both Australia and Britain, Paco will be greatly missed. He was always the perfect gentleman, and we loved him very much. Below is a brief history of his life and his many accomplishments in the Show Ring.



Paco as a Baby Puppy!


Paco was born at Corsini Kennels on the banks of the Thames River north of London, and then went to live at Suarike Kennels in Scotland. As a young dog he was very successful in the Show Ring in Britain, gaining his English Champion title on 24 July, 2000, becoming only the 43rd British Champion Tervueren Dog. He came second on the top dog list of the Belgian Shepherd Dog Association of Great Britain for 2000, winning 5 CCs, the most won by a Tervueren in 2000.


Paco in the BSDA yearbook 2001

                                                                   Paco's picture from the Belgian Shepherd Dog

                                                                      Association of Great Britain 2001 Yearbook


In late 2002, thanks to Amanda McLaren of Corsini and Audrey Maguire of Suarike, Paco came to Australia. He settled in very well with the gang at Moonshadow, and soon began to make his mark in the Show Ring here as well.


Paco & Lesley 2 May 03a

The newly arrived Paco with Lesley


He competed strongly in the Open Dog class at both All Breeds and Belgian Shepherd Specialty shows, obtaining his Australian Champion title on 12 July 2003. He was awarded Best Open Dog in the Working Dog Group at All Breeds shows from 2004 through 2007, and won Best of Breed at the Sydney Royal Show in April, 2007 at 9 years of age.  He amassed 1025 Challenge Points in his Australian career, and was awarded the title of Grand Champion on 3 June, 2008.


Paco2007Royal1b   Paco 2007 Royal 3b               

                                                                   Lesley and  Paco at the 2007 Sydney Royal     


He was also very well received by Specialist Judges, even at an advancing age. At the Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW Show in August, 2008 he won Challenge Dog and Best Veteran in Show, and he was also Best Veteran in Show at the Illawara and South Eastern BSDC Specialty Show in October, 2008 and the Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW Specialty Show in August, 2009, as he neared 12 years of age.


His children and grandchildren have carried on his winning ways in the ring, with Paco being awarded Best Sire in Show on the basis of his progeny's results at 5 Specialist Shows between 2003 and 2008.


Paco and Rosie2                        DSCF4091b

                            Paco and granddaughter Rosie in 2006                        Daughter Dream helps Paco celebrate

                                                                                                                       his 12th Birthday in December 2009


Losing Paco has left a big hole in our lives. We will always remember his dignity and strength, his kindness and affection, and our love for him!


(for more on Paco's life, click here to see his webpage)

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