Moonshadow Kennels Australia (Est 1995)

Outstanding Belgian Shepherds and Japanese Spitz


Meet our Dogs


These are dogs that have lived with us beyond their puppy days, and which we have campaigned in the show ring.  For pictures and information on our litters of puppies, click here.


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Dogs that live with us


                             DSCF3780b              DSCF3704b              


                                        Aust Champion Moonshadow                       Aust Champion Moonshadow

                                                   Baxies Dream                                                  Dancing Bear    

                                                       "Dream"                                                         "Dancer"  


Our Japanese Spitz


DSCF4812d.jpg                  DSCF5576b.jpg


                                   Aust and Neuter Champion                       Aust Champion Esilanna Cupcake

                                  Daesdaemar Moon and Stars                                      “Poppy”



  DSCF7111b.jpg            Britta 1c.png


                                       Aust Champion Mannerking                   Aust Champion Mannerking

                                                   Front Page News                               Follow Your Dreams

                                                         “Teddy”                                              “Britta”




Mannerking Shadows of the Moon



Dogs that live with friends


                             DSCF2120a                            DSCF2136a


                       Aust Champion Moonshadow Black Magic                     Aust Champion Moonshadow Avalon

                                     "Magic"                                                                            "Avalon"                                   


Rhianne head shot MoDs


Aust Champion  Ebontide Parisian Affair (Imp UK)



Gone, but never forgotten


                    Paco portrait2a           A Shadow headshota


                   English Champion & Aust Grand Champion                   Aust Champion Mashiara

                                 Corsini Lysander (Imp UK)                                          Moonshadow

                                               Paco                                                                “Shadow”



                   A Baxter headshota          A Peppy photo glam3



                      Aust Champion Barakuma Knight Errant                         Moonshadow Peppercorn

                                                "Baxter"                                                               "Peppy"



Zulu head shot MoDs


                                                              Aust Champion Moonshadow                          

                                                                      Zulu Magician




Please feel free to visit us to meet our lovely Belgians and Japanese Spitz.

We live in Bowral, a small pretty tourist village situated halfway between Sydney and Canberra,

approximately one hours drive from Sydney.

Email us, Rob & Lesley Kane, at

or telephone us on 0408-202219 for more information




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