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Ausralian Champion Moonshadow Black Magic


D.O.B. 31/10/2006


Magic had a great time as a show dog with the Moonshadow team as a youngster! Overall, in his first 16 months, he won Best Baby Puppy in the Working Dog Group twice, Best Minor Puppy twice, Best Puppy three times, Best Junior three times, and first in the 6-12 months Sweepstakes six times. He also won Best Exhibit in Group and Runner Up Best Exhibit in Group, and qualified for his Australian Champion Title when less than 13 months old.  Some of the highlights and accompanying pictures are shown towards the bottom of this webpage.


After his successful show career, Magic went to live with Rhonda and Richard in Tasmania.


Pictures of Magic in his new home are shown below, starting with the most recent.


In November 2016, Rob and Lesley were able to visit Magic in Tasmania. Below are some snaps on the day of Magic along with his housemate Tervueren Cali greeting Rob and Les. Magic had recently turned 10 years old but seemed in good health. It was great to see him again, and many thanks to Richard for picking us up at the ship terminal and bringing us home to meet Magic!


IMG_1712a.jpg   IMG_1719a.jpg


IMG_1727a.jpg  IMG_1729a.jpg


In March 2011 we received some photos of Magic and Cali enjoying

a family camping holiday on the far NW coast of Tasmania.


First we have Magic and Cali enjoying the beach


IMG_1472a.jpg IMG_1476a.jpg


Then we see Magic and Cali by the car, and finally Magic relaxing in the caravan on his bed


IMGP0076a.jpg IMG_1486a.jpg IMG_1488a.jpg


Then we have some pictures of Magic and Cali

enjoying the winter frost in Tasmania


Magic Nov 2010 1a.jpg Magic & Cali Nov 2010 2a.jpg

And celebrating a Birthday with Richard


Magic & Cali Nov 2010 3a.jpg Magic & Cali Nov 2010 4a.jpg


Here are some delightful Christmas 2009 photos - in the first, Magic and Cali survey their presents.  Next, Magic enjoys his gift and then gives Richard a big Merry Christmas hug!


Magic Xmas 025a  Magic Xmas 033a


Magic Xmas 027a



The pictures of Magic below show him (left) getting ready for the trip to Tasmania, right out for a walk with Richard on the journey, and (bottom) helping Richard at his new home, along with his new friend, Tervueren puppy Cali.


DSCF4089a  Magic 001a


Magic and Cali 009a



Magic's Show Career


Below are some of the highlights of Magic growing up

and in the Show ring

Click on a picture to enlarge


First below are photos of Magic taken at the Sapphire Coast dog shows in mid-February, 2007

and at home, with Magic 3 1/2 months of age.


DSCF1731a   DSCF1744a   DSCF1838a   DSCF1848a


Next below are pictures of Magic at the ACTCA Canberra Autumn International Festival, in mid-March, 2007, at 4 1/2 months of age.  We were very pleased that Magic was awarded Best Baby Puppy in the Working Dog Group on both days that he was shown - on 17 March by Mrs Honey Glendinning, a Canadian judge, and on 19 March by Ms Cheryl Egerton, also a Canadian judge.


DSCF1869a    DSCF1887a    DSCF1893a   


At the Parkes shows on 9 and 10 June, 2007, Magic won Best Minor Puppy in the Working Dog Group on both days. He also won 3rd place in the 6-12 months Sweepstakes on the first day and 1st place on the second day!  The next set of pictures below is of Magic at 7 1/2 months of age, at the show.


   DSCF1925c   DSCF1930b   DSCF1935b


DSCF1934b   DSCF1932b    DSCF1937b   DSCF1944b


At the Tullamore/Trundle dog shows held from the 11th through the 15th of August, 2007, he won:

v four consecutive 1st Places in 6-12 Months Sweepstakes,

v three Best Puppy in the Working Dog Group awards,

v and a Runner up Best Exhibit in the Working Dog Group.

Shown below are at the left, Magic wins the first of 4 consecutive first places  in 6-12 Months Sweepstakes on 11 August at Tullamore, and at the right, Magic winning his third Best Puppy in the Working Dog Group on 15 August at Trundle.


DSCF2253a   DSCF2306a


We were also delighted that with his 3 Best of Breed wins at the Newcastle Shows from the 16-18 November 2007, Magic achieved the required number of Challenge Points to qualify for the title of Australian Champion! He was just 12 months and 3 weeks of age!


Shown below are pictures of Magic, 1 year old, at the show in Newcastle on 18 Nov 2007


   DSCF2387b   DSCF2392b   DSCF2394b   DSCF2382b


At his first 3 shows in 2008, Magic won Best Junior Dog in the Working Dog Group twice, and on the second time at the Sofala Show on 24 February 2008, he was also judged the Best Exhibit in the Working Dog Group. We were so proud of our boy!

Finally, here is Magic on 8 January, 2007 at just 10 weeks of age



                DSCF1537b     DSCF1532b  


Before we decided on Magic for his name, he was known as "the boy", and earlier puppy pictures of him can be seen in our Puppy Portraits pages and our general Puppy Photos pages.           



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Magic's  Pedigree:


Eng Ch & Aust Ch Corsini Lysander

(Imp UK)

Eng Ch Magnum de la Clairiere aux Louves (Frn)

Femto du Bois du Tot (Frn)

Eden de la Clairiere aux Louves (Frn)

Lauren de Condivicnum at Corsini (Frn)

Isar du Royaume de Bucksye (Frn)

Brennie du Sart des Bois (Frn)


Aust Ch Ebontide Parisian Affair

(Imp UK)

Frn Ch Rival de la Fureur du Crepuscule


If du Crepuscule du Loup (Frn)

Newty de la Fureur du Crepuscule (Frn)

Eng Ch Ebontide Lady in Black (UK)

Eng Ch Gydo v't Belgisch Schoon at Ebontide (UK)

Sultane de L'Ouchenee (UK)



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