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A large number of Belgian Shepherd Dog breeders and fanciers have websites. The Schagerwaard website in Germany, for example, currently list around 1300 Belgian Shepherd Dog websites categorised by country. What we have listed below is a selection of BSD websites in Australia, followed by a selection of British and European BSD websites. We have also listed the web addresses of BSD related Dog Clubs/Councils and other relevant organisations that we are members of, both locally and overseas.


For those seeking more links, particularly overseas ones,  we think one of the best places to go to find  breeder's sites internationally is the Schagerwaard website in Germany, who have links to over 1300 BSD breeder's websites world-wide. The web address of their links page is         


Some Australian BSD links (in alphabetical order):


Erlander Belgian Shepherd Dogs

Fauvetnoir Belgian Shepherds

Lumineux Belgian Shepherd Dogs

Mirribandi Belgian Shepherds

Rerifar Belgian Shepherds

Tervailles Belgian Shepherds


Some British BSD links (in alphabetical order):


Corsini Belgian Shepherds

Ebontide Groenendaels

Xanova Belgian Shepherds


Some European links


Kennel Deabei (Czech Republic)

Oridix (Czech Republic)

Blackmaster's Kennel (Finland)

Workaholic Kennels (Finland)

Tinare Kennels (Finland)

Le Bois du Tot (France)

Schagerwaard (Germany)

Callencos (Sweden)

d'Eroudur Laekenois Kennels (Belgium)


We are members of most of the following Dog-related Clubs and Councils:


ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council)

Dogs NSW (Royal  NSW Canine Council)

The Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Queensland

The Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria

Belgian Shepherd Dog Association of Great Britain

The Northern Belgian Shepherd Dog Club (UK)

The French Belgian Shepherd Dog Club


We acknowledge the generous support of:


Bayer Animal Health Care Products


Pedigree Pet Foods


Other Australian-based Dog-related Websites:

Woofahs Pet

Pet ID


Other overseas-based Dog-related Websites:


Dog Club UK (USA) (USA) (USA)



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