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D.O.B. 31/10/2006






Above, "Daddy" Boris holds on to Indie on her way to her new home in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, NSW.  Before She was renamed Indie,  she was known as Red Collar girl, and other puppy pictures of her can be seen in our Puppy Portraits pages and our general Puppy Photos pages.


Some newer pictures of Indie are shown below, thanks to Joan and Boris.


The most recent pictures immediately below show Indie in July 2015.


Indie July 15 WP_20150724_11_27_20_Proa.jpg    Indie July 15 V__14FBa.jpg



Next most recently we see Indie on her 8th Birthday in October, 2014 (with friend Charlie, of course).


Indie 8th BD Oct 14 002a.jpg


Indie 8th BD Oct 14 004a.jpg


And other recent photos show Indie again relaxing with Charlie on their

favourite couch in March 2014...


Indie and Charlie March 14 WP_20140327_001a.jpg


and celebrating Christmas 2013 with a Christmas toy.


Indie Xmass 13 WP_20131222_006a.jpg


Next we have a picture of Indie with Charlie on her 7th Birthday in October 2013.


Indie & Charlie Oct 13a.jpg


The next two below show Indie around the time of her 6th Birthday in October 2012 with friend Charlie relaxing in the garden and then making themselves at home on the bed!


Indie & Charley Nov 12.jpg  Indie Nov 12.jpg


Next we have a picture of Indie on her 5th Birthday, in October 2011.


Indie's 5th BD.jpg


Then, we can see Indie posing with her friend Charley in December 2010.


Indie and Charley Dec 2010.jpg


Then we have Indie with Charley relaxing at home in October 2010 at around 4 years old.


Indie and Charley Oct 2010.jpg


Next below is Indie at 2 years of age, in December 2008, getting in the Christmas spirit!


kids photos 024


The next pictures of Indie, below, were taken in mid-Jul 2007 at her home, when she was around 8 1/2 months of age.


Click on a picture to enlarge


              DSCF2024a  DSCF2008a  DSCF2012a  DSCF2016a


            DSCF2019a  DSCF2021a  DSCF2006a


 And finally we have some pictures of Indie settling in to her new home at around 3 months of age, again thanks to Joan and Boris!


        Picture(127)   Picture(149)   Picture(151)   Picture(154)



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Indie's  Pedigree:


Eng Ch & Aust Ch Corsini Lysander

(Imp UK)

Eng Ch Magnum de la Clairiere aux Louves (Frn)

Femto du Bois du Tot (Frn)

Eden de la Clairiere aux Louves (Frn)

Lauren de Condivicnum at Corsini (Frn)

Isar du Royaume de Bucksye (Frn)

Brennie du Sart des Bois (Frn)


Aust Ch Ebontide Parisian Affair

(Imp UK)

Frn Ch Rival de la Fureur du Crepuscule


If du Crepuscule du Loup (Frn)

Newty de la Fureur du Crepuscule (Frn)

Eng Ch Ebontide Lady in Black (UK)

Eng Ch Gydo v't Belgisch Schoon at Ebontide (UK)

Sultane de L'Ouchenee (UK)



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