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           DSCF3704b        DSCF6442b.jpg         Paco Head Shota

   Belgian Shepherd Groenendael           Japanese Spitz                Belgian Shepherd Tervueren

                 Australian Champion                                   Australian Champion & Neuter Grand                    English & Australian Grand Champion

                       Moonshadow Dancing Bear                             Champion  Daesdaemar Moon and Stars                        Corsini Lysander (Imp UK)

                     Dancer                                      Coco                                      Paco


Since 1995 Lesley and Rob Kane have owned and operated Moonshadow Kennels with an initial focus on the beautiful Belgian Shepherd.  For the past decade we have focused mainly on the cute little Japanese Spitz. Our aim has been to show, breed and share lovely dogs that are healthy, happy and contribute to the maintenance and development of the international standard for the breed. After 20 years in the NSW Southern Highlands town of Bowral, we are now located north of Brisbane, Queensland in a village called Ningi.


Of the four varieties of Belgian Shepherds, we focused only on the elegant long-haired ones - the black haired Groenendaels and the Tervuerens, who are reddish-brown or grey coloured, with black face masks.  One of our Groenendaels, "Dancer" (Australian Champion Moonshadow Dancing Bear) and one of our Tervuerens "Paco" (English Champion and Australian Grand Champion Corsini Lysander) are pictured above.


We acquired our first Japanese Spitz, “Coco” from Daesdaemar Kennels in September 2011 and starting showing her soon after.  Coco (now Australian Champion and Neuter Grand Champion Daesdaemar Moon and Stars) is pictured above centre. In March 2016 “Britta” (Australian Champion Mannerking Follow Your Dreams) came to join us from Mannerking Kennels, and she was joined in March 2017 by her son Boku (Australian  Champion Mannerking Shadows of the Moon), also from Mannerking Kennels.


French specialty groupa



Lesley and Rob with friends ringside at the French Belgian Shepherd Specialty Show in 2002

(Rob seated with white cap, Lesley standing behind him in white T shirt and yellow hat)


The Belgian Shepherd is renowned world-wide for their elegance, agility, loyalty and the intense bond that they form with their owners.  The Japanese Spitz was developed as a companion dog, and should be affectionate, alert, intelligent, bold and lively.


This site is mainly organised around dogs, including our own Moonshadow Belgian Shepherd and Japanese Spitz dogs and those of friends and family around the world.  Please click on the buttons on the left-side of the page to journey around our site.


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