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This webpage helps to remind us of some of the wonderful dogs we and our family and friends have known and loved over the years.



Pete on George



"Pete" was a mischievous Irish terrier owned by Rob's sister and brother-in-law in Austin Texas. Although shown here resting on George, "Pete" normally kept everyone on the go. He lived to a very ripe old age before passing away in June, 2015





Shown above is little Oscar, who shared his life with Rob’s sister Trish and brother-in-law George in Austin, Texas for too short a time. He passed away peacefully in April, 2014.



Tiffy's 16th BD April 12a.jpg



Tiffany lived happily in the country near Canberra with Pearl and Laurie, and in recent years shared her home with Ari. She was also half sister to our Baxter. Sadly she passed away in November, 2012 and is greatly missed. Above is shown the most recent picture of her, recovering the morning after her 16th Birthday in April, 2012.


Sohpia's new look for fall 05a



Sophia was a lovely little girl who for many years was a faithful companion of our cousins Kathy and Stan in Fort Worth Texas. We were very sorry to hear of her passing in May, 2012.





Our lovely old boy Zulu (Australian Champion Moonshadow Zulu Magician) passed away at 14.5 years of age on 20 April, 2012. He is shown above winning Best Veteran over 10 years of age at the age of 14 in early 2012.

For a brief tribute, please visit Zulu's Vale.


Hunter work! no waya.jpg



We were very sorry to hear from Les and Jenny that our Shadow’s brother, Mashiara Shadowhunter, had passed away in Canberra in March 2011, at the grand old age of 16 years and 7 months. Even though we never knew Hunter, we are sure he is as much missed as Shadow, and our hearts go out to Les and Jenny.





Jacques is a little terrier who was owned by Rob's sister Trish and her husband George in Austin, Texas. A sweet and gentle boy, he was always a pleasure to be around. Sadly, he left us in July, 2011.






Our beautiful Shadow (Australian Champion Mashiara Moonshadow) departed us on 29 December, 2010, at over 16 years of age. She was our first pure-bred Belgian Shepherd and the start of Moonshadow Kennels, named after her. She was always a perfect dog – pictured above at nearly 16 years of age. We miss her very much.

For a brief tribute to her life, please  click here.






Our lovely boy Paco (English Champion and Australian Grand Champion Corsini Lysander)

 left us on 5 April, 2010, after 12 adventurous years of life. He is greatly missed.

For a brief tribute to his life and accomplishments, please click here.



A Peppy photo glam2



Our little girl Pepper (Moonshadow Peppercorn) left her home in February, 2010 after 12 years with us,

 following her lifelong companion Baxter. She will always be remembered.

 For a brief tribute to "Miss Corn", please click here.



A Baxter and Rob4



Our beloved boy Baxter (Australian Champion Barakuma Knight Errant) passed away in December, 2009, after 14 wonderful years with us.  We miss him greatly. For a brief tribute to him, click here.






"Perri" (Peerielee dark n Hansom , CD, ADM, JDX, GD, Delta pets as therapy dog)

left Elspeth and Michael  in May 2009. A lovely boy, he was much loved

and will be greatly missed by Elspeth and Michael and by all who knew him.



Ringo head shot



"Ringo" (Australian Champion Weedram Attention Seeker, UD) was a lovely Belgian Shepherd Groenendael who lived with our friend Rae Officer in Sydney. We were all sad to hear of Ringo's passing away in October 2008. Ringo had a long and distinguished career in the show ring, with a high point being his winning Best in Show at the Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW specialty show in November1996. For more details and pictures, please visit Ringo's webpage.






Leo the Wonder Lab brightened the lives of our friends Ev and Doug in Sydney for many years before passing away in October 2008. He will be greatly missed. In the picture above, Leo celebrated his 14th Birthday on Christmas Day 2007 with a cupcake and whip cream.



Sasha standinga



We were very sorry to hear that in September, 2008, our friend Virginia Fung's girl "Sasha" passed away. Sasha was a life-long friend and companion to our little girl "Peggy Bumble-Bee" and the grown- up friend of our little "Rosie".

She will be greatly missed by all who knew her and her lovely calm disposition.



RB preciousa

"Rose Bud"


Pretty little "Rose Bud" sadly passed away in August, 2008. Owned by Rob's cousin Kathy and her husband Stan in Ft Worth Texas, she is shown here balancing a treat on her nose.

(Of course Rose Bud could flip it up in the air and catch it in her mouth on command!) 

A clever and sweet little girl who is greatly missed by Kathy and Stan.



Peggy Bumble beea

Moonshadow Bumble Bee "Peggy"


Our dear Peggy Bumble Bee passed away in April, 2006, to the great sorrow of her loving owner, Virginia Fung, her long time mate Sasha and of course Lesley and Rob. Pictured here in Sydney, New South Wales in January, 2006, Peggy was the sister of Zulu and Peppy, and the daughter of our Shadow.

Loved always, may she rest in peace. For more information, please visit Peggy's webpage.



A Kandy Head shot



We bought Kandy from a pet-shop in Adelaide, South Australia, around 1980 to keep Spot company.  Our sweet Kandy we later realised must have been a Belgian Shepherd cross. She was such a lovely dog, when Spot passed on, we decided to get a pure-bred Belgian Shepherd to keep her company.  Her sweet nature endeared her to all.

Here she is shown in North Bondi, New South Wales around 1984.



A Spot 1982a



Spot was our first dog together as a family. He arrived in 1977 and helped to raise our son Mark.

We will always remember our Spot, who was much loved by us all.

He is shown here in Rose Bay, New South Wales in 1982.



Mom and Dukie 1955a



Duke was Rob's first dog, a pedigree Collie Rough. Dukie is pictured above with Rob's Mum

on the front steps of his childhood home in White Plains, New York, around 1955.



Aunt Rachel's dog Don



Don was a German Shepherd who belonged to Rob's Aunt and Uncle in Marshfield, Missouri,

 where Rob visited every summer as a boy. Here are Rob and Don pictured around 1953.






Pal is the first dog Rob remembers knowing. He also belonged to Rob's Aunt and Uncle

 and is pictured here in Marshfield, Missouri, probably during the late 1940s.


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