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D.O.B. 16/9/2008




"Hansie" is shown above with Jez and Laura, on his way

to his new home in Port Lincoln, South Australia.


Rob and Lesley were lucky enough to be able to visit Hansie and his family in Port Lincoln in October, 2014, when Hansie was 6 years old. Below are some of the photos taken on the happy day. First we have one of Hansie greeting Lesley and then 3 of him on his couch at home.


IMG_0740a.jpg  IMG_0744a.jpg


IMG_0745a.jpg  IMG_0746a.jpg


Thanks to Laura and Jez, other pictures of Hansie are shown below.


Laura sent two new pictures of Hansie (and Clover) for his 4th Birthday on 16 September, 2012. On the left, Hansie is snoozing in his favourite chair, whilst on the right he and friend Clover show the evidence after finishing off a tub of yoghurt.

And below that we can see Hansie enjoying his Birthday bone.

Laura reports that both dogs get on very well with her new (human) son, Eli.


Hansie 4th BD 1a.jpg  Hansie and Clover 4th BD 2 a.jpg


Hansie Dec 12.jpg


For Hansie’s 3rd Birthday on 16 September, 2011, Laura sent a great shot of Hansie (right) with new friend Clover acting as guard dogs.


Hansie and Clovera.png


And meeting Porkie


Hansie and Clover meet Porkiea.png


Then we have a lovely family portrait for Christmas 2010.





The next two were sent to us for Hansie’s 2nd Birthday in September 2010.


Hansie 2b.jpg

First we have Hansie and Jez in the park


Hansie 1a.jpg

And secondly, we have Hansie meeting an emu!


Next, we see Hansie in June 2009

 (yes, Hansie has his own personal number plate!)


Hansie 1 June 2009  Hansie 2 June 2009


Hansie 3 June 2009  Hansie 4 June 2009


Immediately below, we can see Hansie is keeping cool in his new pool,

in February, 2009


Hansie in pool


and in December 2008 we find Hansie just lounging around with Jez and Laura


P1030292   P1030328





And in November 2008, we see Hansie's first visit to the beach at Port Augusta, SA,

and Hansie trying out his new kennel


P1030270a   P1030275a



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