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This webpage highlights beloved dogs owned by some of our friends and family members.    It is divided into two parts. The first part includes only Belgian Shepherds whilst this part covers other lovely dogs owned by friends in Australia and the USA.  We have not included dogs owned by fellow breeders who have their own webpages.


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Chester and Mum 013xa

"Chester" left, with his Mum



"Sam Too"














This is Harrison, who has come to live with Rob’s sister and brother-in-law in Austin, Texas. In the picture to the left is he is shown shortly after his arrival in April, 2014.








Shown here at 5 months of age, “Oscar” is a handsome black Labrador

who came to live with our friends Ev and Doug in Sydney, NSW

in January, 2012.












Kissie” is a little cutie who came to live with Rob’s sister Trish and husband George in Austin, Texas in July, 2011.















"Chester", shown here with his mother, is a lovely young Red Setter who belongs to our English relatives Gerry and Sheila, who live near Bournemouth.













Lesley gives "Sam too", a sweet young Golden Retriever, a cuddle while owners Ray and Ella smile for the camera. We visited them at their home in Perth, Western Australia in November 2009.













"Rufus" is a lovely "Newfie" boy who lives with Cookie and Chuck in McLean, Virginia, USA. We were lucky enough to get to know him during our stay with Cookie and Chuck in August, 2009. He is always a lovely and affectionate boy!









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