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D.O.B. 10/4/2012





Katie, shown above, gives “Freja” a big hug after 

bringing her to her new home in Sydney, NSW.


The most recent photo of Freja shows her relaxing at home on her favourite couch in December, 2015. Katie reports that Freja is great at keeping older Tervueren Benny going.


Freja a.jpg


The next pictures from Katie show Freja with her 3rd Birthday Cake!  Katie comments:

“We drove back from the country on Freja’s birthday – and got a lovely surprise when we got back.  The owner of the local Dog Cafe ... dropped around a surprise birthday cake to celebrate Freja’s birthday. They love Freja up at the local Cafe – as she is such an adorable friendly happy little girl, and they’ve watched her grow from the cute little puppy that she was to the beautiful loveable girl that she is today.”


Freja3rdWhoMea.jpg   Freja3rdBdayThatsGooda.jpg


Also recently, we received some lovely photos of Freja with a favourite toy,

with her new friend “cousin” Rosie and (below) with housemate Benny in Oct 2014.


Freja with favourite toy Oct 14a.jpg  Freja with Cousin Rosie Oct 14a.jpg


Freja with Benny Oct 14a.jpg


Katie sent this lovely study of Freja at the time of

her second Birthday in April, 2014. Thanks Katie!




Next  from Katie is a Christmas 2013 greetings photo from Freja (right) and Benny (left) with “Father Christmas”.


Benny and Freja Xmass 13 photo66.JPG


My how you’ve grown! Katie again gives Freja a big hug, a year and a half later, in October, 2013. This photo is thanks to Katie, who reported that Freja was fitting in very well and is inseparable from Benny (shown below left)


Freja Oct 13.JPG


Freja joined Uncle “Benny”, shown below left, an eight year old son of our Paco.

Also remembered in the household is Tervueren “Sasha”, shown below right, who

passed away in January 2011 at the age of 16.


Freja's  uncle Bennya.jpg  Freja's predecessor Sashaa.jpg


Freja celebrated her first birthday on 20 April, 2013, and thanks to Katie,

pictures of Freja with her cake and in her party outfit are shown below!


Freja 1st Birthdaya.png  Freja 1st Birthday 3.jpg  


The next photos show Freja napping after her big day,

and showing how she is now almost as big as friend Benny!


Freja 1st Birthday 2.jpg  Freja and Benny.jpg


And again thanks to Katie, we have two more lovely portraits of Freja.

On the left is one sent for Christmas 2012, and on the right is one taken in mid-July 2012.


Freja Dec 12.JPG   Freja July 2012 IMG_1358a.jpg


And slightly earlier pictures, taken in late June, 2012, can be found below.


First we have two of Freja exploring her new back garden with uncle Benny


FrejaandBennyFY1a.jpg  BennyandFrejaFY2a.jpg


Then doing a bit of gardening herself


FrejaGardeninga.jpg  FrejaGardening1a.jpg


Then we see her relaxing outdoors, and enjoying a “dogichinno” in the cafe


FrejaBackYarda.jpg  FrejawithDogicinno.JPG



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