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16 September 2010


Puppies 2nd Birthday


Our puppies who were born on 16 September 2008 recently celebrated their 2nd Birthday.

Birthday boy Clyde joined sister Dancer and friends here with us, and we were delighted to hear from Stella and Hansie. Clyde’s new Mum, Fiona was also here, and at the end of the day Clyde was off to his new home with Fiona and David in Batemans Bay, NSW.


Below are some snapshots of the festivities.


DSCF4587c.jpg     DSCF4583c.jpg 

                   Getting ready... Rob holds (from left)       Birthday boy Clyde with new Mum Fiona

                    Clyde, Dream, Dancer and Shadow


birthday card 003b.jpg  birthday card 005b.jpg

    Lesley and Rob with Clyde                          Lesley and Rob with Dream, Clyde,

                                                                            Shadow’s nose, and Dancer


DSCF4614c.jpg   DSCF4617c.jpg

           Clyde takes the first piece, while sister     Dream was not the Birthday girl, but she

           Dancer waits politely                              knows how to push in for cake!


Many thanks to Virginia who sent photos of sister Stella and friend Rosie at their own party.


 Stella 1a.jpg   Stella 4.jpg

First we have two of Stella posing on her Birthday

 Stella 6.jpg   Stella 3a.jpg

         Then we have Stella and Rosie admiring the      And finally Stella cooling off in the park

         Birthday cupcake                                               wearing her new reflective harness


And thanks to Laura and Jez for this picture of Hansie in the park


Hansie 2b.jpg 


All the best to Arry, Clyde, Dancer, Hansie, Stella, Taylor and Tzarli - our beautiful two year olds - and to their families, and many happy returns!



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