Moonshadow Belgian Shepherds, Australia

Moonshadow Ringos Star


D.O.B. 16/9/2008




Clyde now lives with Fiona and David and children Camilla and Alasdair

in Batesmans Bay, in New South Wales.


Shown above is Clyde with Camilla and Alasdair.


Camilla and Alasdair have some new Border Collies, and shown below, one of them looks up admiringly at Clyde around the time of Clyde’s 8th Birthday in September, 2016.


Clyde BD Sept 16 w Border frienda.jpg


The next most recent picture of Clyde, below, shows him at home for Christmas, 2015.


Clyde Xmass 15 IMAG2130_1a.jpg


Another recent picture of Clyde shows him with pussycat Bonnie and Camilla,

at the time of his 7th Birthday in September 2015


Clyde, Bonnie and Camila Sept 15 IMAG0203a.jpg


Next on a cold winter’s night in July 2014 we see the privileged Clyde along with

pussycat friend Bonnie keeping comfortable on the doona.


Clyde and Bonnie the cat July 2014a.jpg


Fiona, David and Clyde visited Rob and Lesley in March, 2014, and the pictures immediately below were taken then. Clyde was 5 ½ years old.


DSCF6648c.jpg  DSCF6649c.jpg


Another picture of Clyde, this time at his home, was forwarded

by Fiona in late November 2013.


Clyde Nov 13 IMAG14761a.jpg


In earlier shots, we can see below (left) Clyde with Fiona at his and sister Dancer’s 2nd Birthday party on 16 September 2010 and (right) Clyde settling in with Snowy the cat and Camilla.


DSCF4583c.jpg   Clydes new home 1a.jpg


Clyde loves the seaside, as the pictures below attest.


P6260044a.jpg  100_0349a.jpg


100_0346a.jpg  P6260049a.jpg


Other photos of Clyde, shown below, were taken by Lesley and Rob

during Shadow’s 16th Birthday Party on 13 August 2010.


  DSCF4511c.jpg DSCF4519c.jpg


DSCF4508c.jpg DSCF4522c.jpg


DSCF4523c.jpg  P8130774c.jpg


"Clyde" first went to live with Liam and Courtney, shown below,

in Nowra on the NSW South Coast.




Unfortunately, after two years with Liam and Courtney, changed circumstances led to a need for Clyde to be re-homed. The good news was that Fiona, David, Camilla and Alasdair adopted Clyde, who settled in well near Batemans Bay, also on the NSW South Coast.


Thanks to Liam and Courtney, we have some additional photos of Clyde,

at various stages of becoming a big handsome boy!


Clyde 04-2010b.jpg  Clyde 02-2010b.jpg

Clyde 05-2010b.jpg



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