Moonshadow Belgian Shepherds, Australia

Moonshadow Fire and Ice


D.O.B. 20/6/2008




Shown above as a baby puppy with Jess, his new Mum,

Brisingr or B lives on the South Coast of NSW.


In January, 2014, Les and Rob visited Brisingr on the South Coast,

and captured the following two photos.


DSCF6613aa.jpg DSCF6615aa.jpg


And Jess sent us the following photos of Brisingr relaxing around the house during 2013.


Brisingr Mar 13 IMG_0375a.jpg Brisingr Sept 13 IMG_1483a.jpg


In February 2011, Brisingr and his family came up to Bowral to visit Rob and Les

and sister Dream. As can be seen in the pictures below, B,

now 2 years old, is a very handsome big boy!


DSCF4673a.jpg DSCF4674a.jpg


DSCF4676a.jpg DSCF4677a.jpg





Thanks to Jess, some pictures of Bris growing up are shown below.


First, from March 2010, we have B out enjoying the countryside.


low-sat Kunkun-and-Bebe-and-meee-01


And here is "B"in June 2009.


Brisingr 1 July 2009aBrisingr 3 July 2009a Brisingr 5 July 2009a


Brisingr 2 July 2009a Brisingr 4 July 2009a


And here are the pictures Jess forwarded showing him from August - December 2008

Thanks Jess!




Bee-and-grandad Bee-sleeping


Bee-waking-up B-in-the-clover



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