Moonshadow Belgian Shepherds, Australia

Australian Champion Moonshadow Avalon


D.O.B. 31/10/2006



Avalon's 5th BD.jpg




Following her youthful career as a successful show dog (see below), Avalon went to live with Stephanie on the NSW North Coast. The picture above was taken on her 5th Birthday, and kindly sent to us by Stephanie.


Most recently we heard from Stephanie at the time of Avalonís 10th Birthday in October, 2016. Stephanie reported Avalon was doing well, and attached the two pictures shown below.


Avalon 10 BD Oct 16a.pngAvalon 10th BD Oct 16 (2)a.png


Also thanks to Stephanie, below we can show Avalonís Christmas card picture from December 2015.


Avalon Xmass 15.png


The next most recent photos below show Avalon relaxing at home at the time of her 9th Birthday in November 2015.


Avalon 9 BD Nov 15 IMG_0002a.jpg


Avalon 9 BD Nov 15 IMG_4184a.jpg


We also heard from Stephanie at the time of Avalonís 8th Birthday, with a series of photos, some of which are shown below. Stephanie reports that Avalon is living happily with now grown up Groenendael friend Symphony and 4 cats!


Avalon 8th BD Oct 14 DSCF0031a.jpgAvalon 8th BD Oct 14 DSCF0505a.jpg


Avalon 8th BD Oct 14 DSCF0060a.jpgAvalon 8th BD Oct 14 DSCF0549a.jpg


Avalon 8th BD Oct 14 DSCF0112a.jpgAvalon 8th BD Oct 14 DSCF0548a.jpg



Next, Avalon is shown relaxing at home around her 5th Birthday with new puppy friend "Symphony".

pets1 087a


Avalon as a young Show Dog


Avalon was a steady achiever in the show ring, being consistently awarded the best female of her breed.Highlights included her winning Best Junior in the Working Dog Group at the Tullamore Show on 11 August, 2007 and at the Tuggerah Lakes K&O Club show on 19 October, 2007. Below are a number of pictures of Avalon as a youngster, both in the show ring and at home.


Click on a photo below to enlarge



The first set of pictures of Avalon, below, were taken at around 3 1/2 months of age,

at the Sapphire Coast dog show and at home.




Next below are pictures of Avalon at 7 1/2 months of age, by the show ring.


†† DSCF1946b††DSCF1949b†††DSCF1952b


††††† DSCF1953b†††DSCF1957b†††DSCF1961b†††



The pictures of Avalon shown next were taken at home in mid-July 2007, with Avalon around 8 1/2 months of age.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† DSCF2131a†††DSCF2133a††††DSCF2142a


†††††††††††††††††††††††††† DSCF2138a†††DSCF2136a†††DSCF2143a†††DSCF2151a



Shown below are pictures of Avalon, just over one year of age, at the show in Newcastle 18 November 2007. We were very pleased to report that with her Challenge wins at this show, Avalon achieved enough Challenge Points to qualify for the title of Australian Champion!



DSCF2397b††††† DSCF2400b†††††DSCF2404b


DSCF2407b.JPG†††† DSCF2410b


Congratulations Avalon!


The following two photos of Avalon, at around 2 years of age,were taken at the Illawara and SE Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW show on 25 August, 2008

(used with permission of © Callencos).


2679_MoonshadowAvalon †† 2681_MoonshadowAvalon



Finally, our cute little girl is pictured below at just 7 weeks of age.





Before we decided on Avalon for her name, she was known as Brown Collar girl, and earlier puppy pictures of her can be seen in our Puppy Portraits pages and our general Puppy Photos pages.


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Eng Ch & Aust Ch Corsini Lysander

(Imp UK)

Eng Ch Magnum de la Clairiere aux Louves (Frn)

Femto du Bois du Tot (Frn)

Eden de la Clairiere aux Louves (Frn)

Lauren de Condivicnum at Corsini (Frn)

Isar du Royaume de Bucksye (Frn)

Brennie du Sart des Bois (Frn)


Aust Ch Ebontide Parisian Affair

(Imp UK)

Frn Ch Rival de la Fureur du Crepuscule


If du Crepuscule du Loup (Frn)

Newty de la Fureur du Crepuscule (Frn)

Eng Ch Ebontide Lady in Black (UK)

Eng Ch Gydo v't Belgisch Schoon at Ebontide (UK)

Sultane de L'Ouchenee (UK)


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