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Shown above on his way home with his new family, Ariel lives on the South Coast of NSW with Rod, Vifa and family. 


Most recently, in June 2015 Ariel turned seven. Rod commented: “We had a birthday party for Ariel, with a dog-friendly cake which he enjoyed a lot. He continues to be a wonderful family member with a great big heart” Rod forwarded on the following lovely pictures of his boy.


Ariel Jun 15 3a.png  Ariel Jun 15 4a.png


Ariel Jun 15 1a.png  Ariel Jun 15 6a.png


Ariel Jun 15 2a.png  Ariel Jun 15 5a.png


For Ariel’s 5th Birthday in June 2013, Rod emailed:


“We had a nice party, and you can see the photos here (plus many more in descending date order):

Ariel is simply wonderful, funny and full of life. He often makes me laugh.”

We highly recommend that you click on the above link and see the beautiful pictures of Ariel from today back to his puppyhood. Thanks, Rod!


And also thanks to Rod for the pictures of Ariel, shown below,

 sent on his 4th Birthday in June 2012.


Photo Ariel 4 BD P1000221a.jpg


Photo Ariel 4 BD P1000027a.jpg  Photo Ariel 4 BD P1000238a.jpg


Rod tells us that Ariel is a wonderful member of the family. He is happy to run round and round being chased by their son. He loves going for walks on the beach and is crazy about chasing a ball. He is keen to wake the kids up in the morning and always greets the family with great enthusiasm.


We also thank Rod for news of Ariel on his 3rd Birthday in June 2011,

and for these pictures of the Birthday Boy.


Ariel birthday 1.jpg   Ariel birthday 2.jpg


And again thanks to Rod for these pictures of Ariel with his family and celebrating his first Birthday!


Ariel 1 June 2009a  Ariel 2 June 2009a


  Ariel 4 June 2009a



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