As the Yaraldi used to say:


"Ngumangk won nginta ngan"


I'll share with you first, then it's your turn to join in with me.

The Meaning of Meiwi

The first principle of Meiwi is the "power of life" it holds - a "power of life" contained within the actions of the human beings which Meiwi inhabits [i.e., its adherents].

Meiwi springs from a specific spot around the diaphragm, and is focused as the source of a real and personal power by its adherents in the emotional sense of being human, centred within the body as the core of every soul [i.e., their deep feeling of knowledge].

As a "power of life" this focus of Meiwi may have a lot of impact and expression both, in, and through the eyes, with all the variation that different human beings have in society and spirituality.

Whenever anyone gains bodily strength by the power of Meiwi, the resulting concentration in nervous power gives that person a faculty to feel the unseen and unheard reality all around them. This is a "power of life" enabling its adherents to be more observant of the nature of reality than others, and is a power capable of being strengthened by experience.

In a quite plain way Meiwi is within each individual as a special instinct. Anyone or everyone may possess this power of Meiwi. We all start out with nothing but the same Meiwi inside, and in this aspect it is equivalent in men and women.

Meiwi has always been an integral part of Ngarrindjeri society and thought.

Ngarrindjeri people discovered this Meiwi within, and developed it as a source of spiritual and mental power within the culture of their Kukabrak society. Ngarrindjeri culture depended for its prestige upon a commitment of its adherents to spirituality and inter-personal strength.

This knowledge and power was handed down from generation to generation to this present time of the Ngarrindjeri nation, in an unbroken line of succession by word of mouth along their family and clan lines of descent.

This has always provided the Ngarrindjeri people with a personal acquisition of spirituality unchanged over the period of unrecorded ages, right up to the present day.

From these origins, Meiwi is now available to be enhanced and developed within anyone under the influence of the present Ngarrindjeri culture. It is therefore part of the universal inheritance of all human beings recognised by Ngarrindjeri people.

The next, and no lesser principle of Meiwi, is that it is a mental acquisition capable of increase through its enhancement by self-determination.

A strong Meiwi results in the development of a superior regard for life. Meiwi endows its adherents with a new perception on all life, which is not easy to appreciate by those who do not share it - no doubt owing to the uncanny way its adherents master life.

Whenever any individuals struggle in life to enhance Meiwi, they are not just struggling for some reconciliation of individual human beings with society. To work for a strong Meiwi is to make the "never say die" commitment of reconciling families, which is at the heart of all genuine reconciliation.

These two traditional Meiwi principles show its physical and genetic origin in every human being as the spiritual power in the creation of life, and reveal how it has facilitated the unique mental and cultural life of Ngarrindjeri man and women.

You only need to be a human being to have this chance to acquire what the Ngarrindjeri people have learned from their ancestors.

But a human being who recognizes the human being in every person, and who recognizes that each person is an equal human being with everyone else - i.e., being human as an equal human being, as is each Ngarrindjeri person.

The Yaraldi tribe of the Kukabrak society became the new Jarildekald tribe in the Ngarrindjeri nation, through which this news about the universality of Meiwi has been directly communicated up to now.

This has resulted in the Meiwi door of life being opened up from the hearts of the Ngarrindjeri people into their communication amongst themselves, and to other people they relate with on a daily basis, for the global enlightenment of the whole modern world.

In recent memory, all of this Ngarrindjeri knowledge and door to life has come from the oral history handed on by its last custodian - Pinky Mack Sumner. She was born Margaret Mason Karpaney - my late Grandmother of the Yaraldi tribe at Muhragoon Reserve land (known as Brinkley) on the River Murray near Wellington East.

There is a tradition of oral evidence for the origin of Meiwi before the telling of any Ngarrindjeri Dreaming. It is factual that the Yaraldi Meiwi doorway of life was open before the Ngurunderi Dreaming.

Elder Daisy Brown Rankine - Convenor of Lake Albert Ngori MeeWee Sub-committee of Meningie