Upcoming Tournaments to be Internationally Rated by WESPA

[Subject to established criteria being satisfied by organisers]

Last Updated 17th December 2010


2011/2012 Event Summary

[Events listed will be rated only if Citeria for International Rating are satisfied]

19th to 21st February - Phoenix Collins
11th to 13th March 2011 - 1st German Open - via Frankfurt, Germany
25th to 27th March 2011 - 3rd West Coast World Championship Wordlist Challenge - Ashland, Oregon, USA [Flyer]
6th to 9th May 2011 - 3rd European Open - Malta
13th to 15th May 2011 - 4th Malta International - Malta
17th to 19th June 2011 - Penang Open
23rd to 26th June 2011 - Brands King's Cup, Bangkok
1st to 4th July 2011 - 16th Nor'Easter Tournament - Albany, New York
30th November to 4th December 2011 - Causeway Scrabble Challenge, Johor Bahru
10th to 12th February 2012 - Israeli Open, Haifa
17th to 20th Feb 2012 - Las Vegas Collins - Nevada, USA
9th to 11th Mar 2012 Romanian Open Scrabble Tournament - Bucharest, Romania