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Now published! English Language Word Builder. A compilation of
all 82,500 core words allowable in International Scrabble, from two to nine letters in length further separated by familiarity and part of speech, with hook words differentiated, end extensions inserted and new Collins Words italicised.

      Second edition now available for purchase directly from the publisher at for only $US25

Features on the acclaimed Word Buff site at as a recommended source of word power for all word buffs

WORLD TOP 10 Players at 01/07/2010
[Click here for complete list of 600 ranked players]
1Ganesh Asirvatham Malaysia 2182 552
2 Pakorn NemitrmansukThailand2113 794
3 Lewis MackayEngland2096 145
4 Nigel Richards Malaysia 2085 1181
5 David EldarAustralia 2081 422
6 David Boys Canada 2072 240
7 Adam Logan Canada 2067 205
8 Mark NymanEngland2061 384
9 Peter Kougi Australia2053 69
10 Paul AllanScotland2043 295

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