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This page last updated 12th February 2011
WESPA Rankings by Rank (50 or more games played, participated in past 2 years - 620 players as of 12/02/2011)
[Plain text file of ratings as of 12th February 2011 - after Boston Collins] (1737 players)

WESPA Rankings by Country and Rank (50 or more games played, participated in past 3 years - 637 players as of 12/02/2011)
WESPA Ratings by Player First Name (All players in system - 1737 players as of 12/02/2011)

Based on results from International SOWPODS Tournaments since 1993, excluding finals playoffs. To qualify as an event to be internationally rated, a tournament must satisfy the rating criteria, established by WESPA, using the aupair tournament software au410.exe or equivalent, such as tsh. A ratings levy payable to WESPA by the tournament organiser will apply from July 1st 2009.
Tournaments Rated into System [174 tournaments from 1993 to 1st November 2010]
[Upcoming tournaments to be rated if criteria satisfied]

Ratings Statistics for International Tournaments held in 2010
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For an explanation of the Ratings System in use, click here. These ratings are maintained by Bob Jackman, WESPA Ratings Officer. All feedback and queries relating to the ratings should be directed to him by email

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