Description of English Language Word Builder

The English Language Word Builder is essentially the combination of the previously published series of booklets from three to nine letters in length, with definitions removed and with everyday words included. Within each chapter by word length, familiar words are listed separately, while less familiar words are organised into hook and non-hook groups. All familiar words are grouped by part of speech, as are non-hook less familiar words. New Collins words are shown in italics and will always be found in the chapters on less familiar words. End extensions of all words up to eight letters in length are shown in lower case, while symbols are used to infer standard and irregular extensions of words. The size of the Second Edition is 326 pages, and the weight is just under 0.5kg. The Recommended Retail Price is $25US.

The inclusion of familiar words along with their part of speech makes this book beneficial to anyone wishing to improve their English vocabulary, from learners of English through to top level Scrabble players.

Here is the Introduction to the Word Builder which further describes the layout of the book and here is the Contents page showing how the various chapters are composed. Many chapters contain sub-lists, each of which are organised alphabetically.

Here are sample pages from each chapter of te First Edition, as pdf files

Two-letter words
Three-letter words
Four-letter words
Five-letter words
Six-letter words
Seven-letter words
Eight-letter words
Nine-letter words
On 1st January 2012, new words were introduced into the Scrabble lexicon, and listed in the Collins 2012 word list and Scrabble dictionary. These have been collated into English Language Word Builder format, condensed into to 2 A4 pages. The word document containing the updates by word length can be downloaded here.

All of these addditions have been incorporated into the Second Edition of the English Language Word Builder. For known errata to English Language Word Builder, click here