The Pan-African Scrabble Championship - April 10th - 13th 1998

In January 1993, Dixon Assesa of the Kenya Amateur Scrabble Assoc. visualized a Pan-African Scrabble Championship involving countries in Africa and the Middle East. Afrter writing to various countries, the support he received was sufficient to make his dream a reality. Over the week-end of Easter 1994, the players from Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa took part in the first PAN AFRICAN SCRABBLE CHAMPIONSHIP held in Nairobi, Kenya, where IFEANYI ONYEONWU of Nigeria, came first.

It was decided at the inaugural meeting, that the PANASA GAMES would take place biennially, hosted by a different country each time. The Easter weekend of 1996 saw Nigeria as the host country. Once again, a Nigerian emerged as the winner, viz. FEMI AWOWADE. At the biennial Conference of Panasa, Lt. Col. Gold Eburu of Nigeria was elected President, with Anita Kassel of South Africa as first Vice President and Mike Ofori of Ghana as second Vice President. South Africa was asked to host the 1998 Pan African Scrabble Championship.

The venue for the Games is Hamiltons Rugby Football Club, Mouille Point, Cape Town. There will be a total of 50 participants from Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Bahrain, Dubai, Malta, Malawi, Liberia and South Africa. Spears of London have donated 25 Scrabble Games as well as a Floating Winners Trophy. Anonymous donors are paying for the catering and stationery. The Cape Town Executive Committee of SANSPA (S.A. National Scrabble Players' Assoc.) under the chairmanship of Anita Kassel, are going all out to raise the funds for the prize money and trophies, to make this event the prestigious occasion it promises to be.

There will be a Welcome reception/Cocktail/Snacks Buffet on Thursday 9th April 1998 at 6:30pm. The Games commence on Friday 10th April 1998 at 8:30am and continue on Saturday and Sunday. Monday 13th April 1998, best of five games will be played by the top players, followed by Prize-Giving and a farewell luncheon. Cape Town and South Africa are very proud to have been chosen as the host country for the 3rd PAN AFRICAN SCRABBLE CHAMPIONSHIP.