Definitions of Words in SOWPODS Supplement Due to OSW4
ABLEISM  discrimination against the disabled
ABLEIST  pertaining to ableism
ABORTEE  woman who has an abortion
ACIDIER  comparative of acidy or resembling acid
ACRATIC  pertaining to acrasia or lack of self-control
ACTIONER  slang for story with much action
ACUPOINT  certain skin locations in acupuncture
AEROTONE  type of deep bath with jets of compressed air to massage the body
ALCOPOP  alcoholic drink tasting like soft drink
ALETHIC  in philosophy pertaining to truth or possibility
ALIYOTH  plural aliyah the immigration of Jews to Israel
AMNIO  amniocentesis a test of amniotic fluid for foetal abnormalities
ANTHEMIC  of rock music having a bold tune and rhythm
APPLET  in computing a small add-on program written in Java language
ARCOLOGY  a system of architecture blending with the environment
BAC  university degree of bachelor
BALDIER  comparative of baldy or bald-headed
BASUCO  an impure mixture of coca- paste and cocaine
BATTERER  one who batters or hits with repeated blows
BITESIZE  of food small enough to be eaten in one bite
BLOKEDOM  the lifestyle of blokes or men
BLOKEY  matey
BLOKIER  comparative of blokey
BLUGGIER  comparative of bluggy or bloody
BOBBITT  to amputate a husbands penis
BOSOMIER  comparative of bosomy or busty
CACUMEN  a top or point
CALFLICK  a cowlick or lock of unruly hair
CAPUCCIO  outmoded a hood
CARJACK  to hijack a road vehicle and occupants
CATATONY  periodic rigidity in schizophrenia
CAUSEYED  with a causeway or raised road through a marsh
CAVIARIE  outmoded caviare or salted roe of sturgeon
CAVIER  caviarie
CENTONEL  outmoded a sentinel or sentry
CHARACT  outmoded a personality as created in a play or novel
CHECKSUM  in computing an arithmetical process to detect errors
CHIPSET  in computing a group of chips performing certain functions
CIABATTA  Italian bread made with olive oil
CIABATTE  plural ciabatta 
CIDE  outmoded perhaps to decide
CIZERS  outmoded scissors
CLAMBE  outmoded tense of climb
CLIPART in computing files containing graphics
CLOTPOLL outmoded a clodpoll or fool
CLOYE  outmoded perhaps to claw
COCH  outmoded a coach
COLTWOOD  outmoded perhaps a plant with shaggy stalk and large soft leaves
COMBI  a device having more than one function
COMBIES  plural combi
COMIQUE  a comic actor or singer
COMPAND  to clarify a signal by compressing then expanding volume
CONF  in computing an online conference
CONKIER comparative of conky (affected by a fungal timber disease)
COOSEN  outmoded to cozen or cheat
COOSIN  to coosen
COYISHLY  bashfully
CRACOWE  a long-toed boot of the fourteenth century
CROPSICK  sick from gluttony
CROST  tense of cross to meet and pass
CROSTINI  a dish of toasted or fried bread with savoury topping
CRUDY  outmoded crude or raw
CRUE  outmoded a crew
CRUSTIES  plural crusty a young vagrant with matted hair
CURSORES  plural in old classifications running birds
CURTAXE  outmoded a short broad sword
CUSTODE  a custodian or person who has care such as of a public building  
CYATHIA  plural cyathium
CYATHIUM  flower of spurge a plant with milky generally poisonous juice
CYBERPET  an electronic device that simulates the behaviour of a pet
CYBERSEX  sexual communication available through computer networks
CYMATICS  the therapeutic use of high frequency sound waves
CYTE  in biology a cell
DAYSACK  a small rucksack for use on short walks
DEFRAG  in computing to move files adjacently on a hard disc
DENET  to market a book with retailers determining their own price
DEVORE  of velvet or satin having a design etched with acid
DHOL  large cylindrical drum used in Indian music
DINO  a dinosaur
DOOFER  a thingamy perhaps from it will do for now 
DRICE  dry ice or frozen granular carbon dioxide
DUMPSTER  large skip for refuse
EBONICS  the slang of African Americans coined from ebony and phonics
EMAIL  to send electronic mail over computer telephone lines
EMOTICON  in computing an icon in email to express feeling
EMPAYRE  outmoded to impair
EXTRANET  in computing a type of network like the internet
FARRAGOS  plural a disordered mixture
FATTISM  discrimination against the obese
FATTIST  one guilty of fattism
FEELBAD  feeling of personal unease
FIER  comparative of fie or doomed
FIREWALL  in computing software protecting a network from hacking
FLATPACK  an item of furniture in a carton to be assembled
FLATTY  a flat object such as a light flat shoe
FRASCATI  a type of white wine
FREEWARE  in computing a program that can be copied but not sold
FROIDEUR  coolness in personal relationships
FUNBOARD  a board used for speed in windsurfing
FURRIES  plural furry in Cornwall an annual festival and dance
GANGSTA  gangster rap music which is aggressive and misogynistic
GIGAFLOP  in computers a unit of processing speed
GOBSHITE  coarse slang a fool
HARDBAG  a type of rock music
HELPDESK  a department providing advice by telephone
HERPESES  plural a skin disease of various kinds with clusters of blisters
HIMBO  a male bimbo or stupid man with good looks
HIPPEN   a baby's nappy wrapped around the hips
HIPPIN  hippen
HORDEOLA  plural hordeolum a sty of the eyelid
HOUSEY  typical of house music used in discos edited from other recordings
HOUSIER  comparative of housey
IDANT  a chromosome
IDEAED  provided with ideas
IMMANTLE  to wrap in a mantle or cloak
INTRANET  a restricted network of computers such as within a company
IRONIER  comparative of irony or resembling iron
JOCKNEY  coined from jock and cockney for a supposed Scottish dialect
JUNGLIST  a performer of jungle music a style of rock
KAGOOL  a lightweight weatherproof anorak
KAGOUL  kagool
KAIZEN  the Japanese principle of continuously improving work practice
KARK  to die
KEKS  plural trousers
KIDULT  slang a film or video for an adult or child audience
KUZU  a thickening agent used in a macrobiotic diet
LADDISH  of young men boisterous or aggressive
LADETTE  a lively sociable young woman
LEMONIER  comparative of lemony or resembling lemon
LEUCOSIN  a cereal albumin or simple protein
LINISH  to give a smooth surface to metal , coined from linen and finish
LINISHER  one or something which linishes
LOD  in statistics the logarithm of the odds relating to an event
LOGIN  in computing access to a mainframe or server system
LOGOFF  in computing exit from a mainframe or server system
LOGON  login
LOGOUT  logoff
LOMATA  plural loma a membranous fringe in animals
LURVE  romantic love
LUVVIE  a member of the entertainment industry
LUVVY  luvvie
MAILSHOT  an unsolicited item usually sent by post
MASALA  mixture of ground spices in Indian cookery
MEDCINAL  outmoded curative
MEGAFLOP  in computing a processing speed
MEISTER  an expert in a particular activity
MELTIER  comparative of melty
MELTY  liable to melt
MEME  in biology a practice or belief passed on other than by genes
MINIBAR  small fridge in a hotel room
MONOKINI  a woman's topless swimsuit
MONTY  everything that there is
MORBIDER  sicklier
MORPHED  tense of morph to animate with computer graphics
MUTUALS  plural a financial institution owned by its customers
NETIZEN  a member of a computer network
NEWBIE  a new arrival such as on the internet
NOSODE  a homeopathic remedy consisting of diluted discharge
NOTITIAE  plural notitia a roll list or register
ONIONIER  comparative oniony or resembling an onion
ONLINE  in computing under the control of the central processor
OPPO  opposite number  a partner or opponent
OTAKU  plural in Japan young computer nerds
PASSATA  an Italian sauce of pureed tomatoes
PHATTER  slang comparative of phat fine or excellent
PHREAK  equipment to obtain free telephone calls
PLUMPIER  chubbier
PRIMSIER  primmer or rigidly punctilious
PRINTOUT  the printed output of a computer
PUCER  comparative of puce brownish-purple
PURPLIER  comparative of purply somewhat purple
QAWWAL  a singer of qawwali
QAWWALI  devotional Sufi music
RADDER  comparative of rad afraid
RADGES  plural a rage
RAGGA  a type of rap music
REBADGE  to market a product under a new name
REIKI  a Japanese massage therapy
RESKILL  to retrain employees
SADDO  slang for an unsociable person
SARCONET  sarsnet or a thin tissue of fine silk
SCALLY  a scallywag or rogue
SKINCARE  care of the skin using cosmetics
SLAPHEAD  slang for one with a shaved head
SLEEPOUT  act of sleeping outdoors overnight
SMILEYS  plural in computing a representation of a smiling face
SOKAIYA  in Japan a corporate racketeer
SPAM  to send out electronic junk mail
SPAMMER  one who spams
SPAZZ  slang to lapse into a delirious state
SPUMANTE  a sparkling white wine
STEEPEUP  outmoded precipitous or perilous
STEEPUP  steepeup
STICHERA  plural sticheron a short hymn
STIFFIE  an erect penis
STRAG  a straggler
STROBED  tense of strobe to flash a light on and off
SUBMENTA  plural submentum the basal part of the lower lip in insects
SUCCOS  plural a Jewish religious festival of thanksgiving
SUCCOT  succos
SUETTIER  comparative of suetty
SUETTY  resembling suet solid fatty tissue around the kidneys
SUKKOS  succos 
SUKKOTH  succos
SULFATIC  pertaining to a salt of sulphuric acid
SUPERBUG  a strain of bacteria resistant to antibiotics
SUPERFIT  of a person extremely or exceptionally fit
SYLPHINE  pertaining to a sylph or spirit of the air
SYRUPIER  comparative of syrupy resembling syrup any thick sweet liquid
TAQUERIA  Mexican restaurant serving mainly tacos
TAWIER  comparative of tawie or docile
TELNET  a system of remote access to computers by telecommunications
TOUSTIER  comparative of toustie or irritable
TUINA  a Chinese therapeutic massage system
TURGIDER  comparative of turgid or swollen
TWIGLOO  makeshift shelter coined from twig and igloo
VEGELATE  chocolate of vegetable and cocoa fat
VEGGED  tense of verb to laze about
VOLUMISE  to give extra body to hair
VOLUMIZE  volumise
VOXEL  a point in a three-dimensional computer image like a pixel
WAVERIER  comparative of wavery or unsteady
WEBSITE  in computing a location on a network of internet documents
WHEATIER  comparative of wheaty
WHEATY  tasting of wheat
WOOPIE  a well-off older person
YAKIMONO  in Japanese cooking grilled food
ZAITECH  investment in financial markets to augment business earnings
ZINE  slang a magazine
ZOPPA  syncopated or temporarily changing accent of a beat

comparative of wavery or unsteady
in computing a location on a network of internet documents
comparative of wheaty
tasting of wheat
a well-off older person
in Japanese cooking grilled food
investment in financial markets to augment business earnings
slang a magazine
syncopated or temporarily changing accent of a beat