Griffon Supplement Definitions

AB  an abdominal muscle
ACROLECT  language variety closest to prestige form
ACTRESSY  like an actress
ABSORBER  something that absorbs
ADZUKI  edible plant of China and Japan
AIRPOWER  military strength of an air force
AISLEWAY  passage for inside traffic
ALKOXIDE  a chemical compound
AMARETTI  plural of AMARETTO (a kind of liqueur)
AMBERINA  type of clear glassware
AMICI  the plural of AMICUS
AMICUS  legal expert witness
ANAPHOR  repetition at beginning of several successive verses
ANTIAIR  concerned with defence against air attack
ANTIDRUG  opposed to illicit drugs
ANTIFLU  acting against flu
ANTIFUR  opposed to fur products
ANTILOCK  pertaining to a certain auto braking system
ANTIPORN  opposed to pornography
ANTIROCK  opposed to rock music
APROTIC  of a solvent incapable of acting as a proton donor
ARKOSIC  pertaining to arkose, a type of sandstone
ASHFALL  volcanic ash	
ATEMOYA  a type of tropical fruit
ATT  Lao money plural		
AUDIAL  aural		
AXION  hypothetical subatomic particle
BACKFIT  to retrofit or furnish with new parts not originally available
BACKFLOW  a flowing back	
BAGHOUSE  facility to remove particulates from exhaust gases	
BASMATI  type of long grain rice	
BAYMAN  person who works about a bay	
BEAUCOUP many or much
BEDU  bedouins plural
BEELINED  tense of verb to go a straight direct course
BEEYARD  an apiary
BEGLAMOR  to impress with glamour
BEJEEZUS  interjection used as mild oath
BIOCHIP  hypothetical computer logic circuit
BIOPSIED  tense of verb to examine bodily tissue
BLUETICK  type of dog
BOATFUL  as much as a boat can hold
BOATLIKE  resembling a boat
BOOGEY  to dance to rock music
BOOTABLE  capable of being booted
BOPEEP  a peekaboo
BREADY  pertaining to bread
BROOKIE  an American brook trout
BROWED  having brows
BUPPIE  black urban professional
BUSHPIG  African wild pig
BUSLOAD  a load that fills a bus
BUSTLINE  bust circumference
CALO  chicano youth idiom plural
CANOLA  edible oil from rape plant plural
CARBO  a carbohydrate
CARTOONY  resembling a cartoon
CASTABLE  capable of being cast
CATCLAW  type of acacia
CATFIGHT   argument between women
CHAPPATI  Indian type of bread
CITRUSY  pertaining to citrus
CLAWLIKE  resembling a claw
COANCHOR  to anchor together
COCOYAM  taro a tropical plant
COKEHEAD  cocaine abuser
COLORIZE  to add colour with a computer
COLORMAN  sportscaster
COMEMBER  a joint member
COOKTOP  type of cooking apparatus
COOLDOWN  low activity exercise following high activity exercise
COOTER  one of many turtle types
CORNPONE  a cornbread
CORULER  a joint ruler
COTTERED  fastened with cotter pins
COULISES  plural coulis a thin puree of fish fruit or fowl
CRANKISH  bad tempered
CREOLISE  to pidginize
CREOLIZE  to pidginize
CREWMATE  crewman
CUDDLER  one who cuddles
CULTLIKE  resembling a cult
CUSTARDY  pertaining to custard
DEADLIFT  to lift a weight to hip level
DEBEAK  to remove the tip of a chickens upper beak
DEBUGGER  one who debugs
DEERLIKE  resembling a deer
DEFUND  to withdraw funding from
DEIXISES  plural deixis grammatical noun
DENTILED  with dentils or rectangular blocks
DEOXY  containing less oxygen
DESOXY  deoxy
DEWORMER  one who deworms
DINITRO  containing two nitro groups
DIOECY  state of having separate male and female types
DIPNET  a hand held fishing scoop
DIRTBAG  contemptible person
DIS  disconnected
DITZ a silly person
DONNIKER  a dunny
DOOFUS  a fool
DOOMILY  in a doomy manner
DOPEHEAD  a drug addict
DOWNLINK  transmission from spacecraft
DRAMEDY  play with both drama and comedy
DRYSTONE  constructed of stone without mortar
DUCTW0RK  ducting system
DUMBCANE  poisonous tropical plant
DYNEIN  an enzyme plural
ECHELLE  a diffraction grating or mirror used for spreading light
ECHOES  echos
ECONOBOX  economical car
ED  education plural
EGLOMISE  made of glass with a picture painted on the back
EISWEIN  sweet wine from grapes frozen on the vine
ELDRESS  woman elder
EMF  electromotive force
ETOUFFEE  cajun stew
EYEBAR  metal bar having a closed loop at the end
EYEDROPS  eye medication
EYEWEAR  corrective eye lenses plural
FALLAWAY  pertaining to a basketball move
FANCIFY  to make ornate
FARMWIFE  farmers spouse
FARMWORK  farm labour
FARSIDE  the farther side
FATWOOD  wood abounding in pitch
FAVA  a broad bean
FAVELLA  a shanty town
FAVES  favourites
FELTLIKE  resembling felt
FIREABLE  capable of being fired
FIREBACK  cast iron back to fireplace
FIRELIT  illuminated by fire
FLAKEY  flaky
FLIPPY  pertaining to a loose and flaring skirt
FLORALS  a picture of flowers plural
FLUXGATE  device for measuring magnetic field
FOCACCIA  an Italian bread
FOLKLIFE  traditions and activities of a certain population
FOODWAYS  eating habits of a population
FOXHUNT  to practise a certain sporting pastime
FUNNER  comparative of fun providing enjoyment
FUSILLIS  plural fusilli spiral pasta
GAMERS  plural gamer one who enjoys competitions
GAMESMAN  player of games
GANACHE  chocolate icing
GASSILY  in a gassy manner
GAZAR  silk organza
GEEZ  jeez interjection
GHOULIE  a ghoul
GIGABYTE  thousand million bytes
GITTIN  plural Jewish divorce
GLEYINGS  development of gley a sticky clay soil plural
GLUCAN  type of sugar
GOALWARD  toward a goal
GRANDDAM  animal grandmother
GRANDKID  grandchild
GRAVLAKS  gravlax or dry-cured salmon
GREENWAY  city uncultivated land
GRINCH  a killjoy
GRIPMAN  cable car operator
GROWTHY  very fast in growing
GUYLINE  a line used as a guide
GYRASE  an enzyme
HADITH  record of Muslim sayings
HANDHELD  something held in the hand and operated from there
HANGUL  alphabetic script for Korean
HANIWA  Japanese burial sculptures plural
HAWKEYED  keen sighted
HELO  a helicopter
HERSTORY  feminist history
HIGHSPOT  a highlight
HISSY  a tantrum
HOMEBOY  boy from ones neighbourhood
HOODIER  comparative of hoody
HOODY  resembling a hoodlum
HUMVEE  high mobility multipurpose military wheeled vehicle
HUNGOVER  suffering from a hangover
INCENTER  centre of an inscribed circle within a triangle
INHIBIN  human sex hormone
INVAR  iron nickel alloy
JAMMIES  pajamas
JARHEAD  an American marine soldier
JETLIKE  resembling a jet
JIVEY  resembling jive
JIVIER  comparative of jive
JOKILY	  in a joky way
JOKINESS  humour
JUNGLED  abounding in jungle
JURIED  tense of verb to select material for an exhibition
KANBAN  manufacturing strategy delivering parts only when needed
KIBBI  lamb and wheat dish
KIBBITZ  to offer unwanted advice
KILOBASE  unit of length of nucleic acid chain
KNEESOCK  knee high sock
KOI  ponds in Japan plural
KORAI  plural kore archaic statue of draped maiden
KVETCHY  whiny
LAARI  Maldives money plural
LAKELIKE  resembling a lake
LAMBIER  comparative of lamby
LAMBY  lamblike
LANDGRAB  acquisition of land by fraud or force
LANDLINE  communication line on land
LIRI  plural lira Maltese money
LISTEE  one who is listed
LITHIFY  to petrify
LOCKDOWN  confinement of prisoners to their cells all day
LOFTLIKE  resembling a loft
LOTTE  a food fish
LUMINISM  realist landscape painting
LUTEFISK  dried codfish
MACUMBA  religion of Brazilian blacks
MAJORLY  extremely
MEATED  with meat
MEGADEAL  business deal of megabucks
MEGAHIT  something very successful
MEGASTAR  a superstar
MIDSIZED  of intermediate size
MIDSOLE  a layer in a shoe
MINICAMP  football players training camp
MINILAB  photo developing retail outlet
MINIMILL  small scale steel mill
MOC a moccasin
MONERAN  a microscopic organism such as a bacterium
MOONDUST  moon soil
MORGAN  distance between genes on a chromosome
MOUSSED  tense of verb to style hair with a foamy preparation
MUNI  a security issued by a miunicipal government
MYTHIER  comparative of mythy
MYTHY  resembling myth
NANDINA  Asian shrub
NERDISH  nerdy
NITPICKY  minutely critical
NOIR  type of crime fiction
NOIRISH  pertaining to noir
NONBANK  financial institution similar to a bank
NONCOLA  not cola 
NONGUEST  someone who is not a guest
NONLABOR  not labour
NONMETRO  not a metropolitan railway
NONOILY  not oily
NONPAID  not paid
NONPOINT  not occurring at a well defined site
NONSTYLE  something that is not a style
NONWAR  something that is not a war
NONWORK  not work
NORMANDE  relating to Normande style food
NOTICER  one who notices
0NSTREAM  into production
OPENCAST  worked from a surface open to the air
OSMOLE  unit of osmotic pressure
OUTBUY  to surpass in buying
OUTSLICK  to outwit
OVERAGED  too old to be useful
OVERCUT  to cut excessively
OVERDOG  one who is dominant
OZONATE  to treat or combine with ozone
PABLUM  simplistic speech or writing
PANCETTA  unsmoked bacon
PARSLIED  flavoured with parsley
PARVO  a parvovirus causing disease in dogs
PASTLESS  lacking a past
PESTIER  comparative of pesty
PESTY  resembling a pest
PIGLIKE  resembling a pig
PIKI  type of cornbread
PIQUANCE  pungency
PISO  Philippines money
PLOTLINE  main story of a literary work
PLUMERIA  frangipani
POISHA  Bangladesh money
POLYNYI  plural polynya area of open water in sea ice
PORNIER  comparative of porny involved in porn
PORRIDGY  resembling porridge
PORTERED  tense of verb to carry luggage at a hotel
POSTDOC  one engaged in postdoctoral study
POSTFIRE  after a fire
POSTSHOW  after a show
POSTTAX  after tax
POTZER  a patzer or poor chess player
PREBAKE  to bake in advance
PREBOOK  to book in advance
PREMADE  made in advance
PUMMELO  grapefruit
PUNKERS  punk rock musician plural
PUNKISH  resembling a punk
QUAALUDE  type of sedative
QUIPPER  quipster
RAPINI  plant related to turnip plural
RAPPELED  tense of verb to descend by rope
READERLY  typical of a reader
REBAR  a reinforcing bar used in concrete
REBEGAN   tense of verb
REBEGIN  to begin again
REBEGUN  tense of verb
REBOOT  to boot again
REBRED  tense of verb
REBREED  to breed again
RECUSAL  a disqualification of oneself as a judge
REEDLIKE  resembling a reed
REEFABLE  capable of being reefed or the rolling of a sail
REEXPOSE  to expose again
RELOOK  to look again
REMAKER  one who remakes
REPATCH  to patch again
RERIG  to rig again
RESTOKE  to stoke again
RISKLESS  lacking in risk
ROADKILL  animal killed on a road
RODEOED  tense of verb to participate in a bronco riding contest
ROLF  to practise massage
ROMANISE  to convert to Roman Catholicism
ROPELIKE  resembling a rope
RUGOSA  type of rose
SANTO  wooden image of a saint
SEMEMIC  pertaining to a sememe or meaning of a linguistic unit
SENTE  money of Lesotho plurals licente lisente
SERRANO  Mexican hot pepper
SHEDLIKE  resembling a shed
SHEQALIM  shekels plural
SHEQEL  a shekel
SHITAKE  type of mushroom
SHOWABLE  able to be shown
SHOWERER  one who showers
SHOWRING  cattle-show ring
SIXTYISH  about sixty
SKOSH  a small amount
SKYBOX  roofed seats in a stadium
SLUTTIER  comparative of slutty
SLUTTY  sluttish
SMIDGE  small amount
SNAKEBIT  unlucky
SNARKIER  comparative of snarky
SNARKY  crotchety
SODOMIST  sodomite
SPAZZES  plural of spaz a klutz
SPEARGUN  spearfishing gun
SPIKEY  spiky
SPINACHY  resembling spinach
SPORTIF  sporty
STARSHIP  fictional spacecraft
STATUSY  having prestige
STUDLIER  comparative of studly
STUDLY  muscular and attractive
SUBCULT  subordinate cult
SUBMENU  subordinate menu
SUBSKILL  subordinate skill
SUBWORLD  subdivision of a world
SUMMITED  tense of verb to participate in a heads of government conference
SUNCHOKE  the Jerusalem artichoke a type of sunflower
SUNNAH  body of Muslim law
SUNPORCH  screened porch with sunny exposure
SUPERHOT  extra hot
SURIMI  synthetic Japanese crabmeat plural
SYNSAPSID  extinct reptile
SYPH  syphilis
TALLIS  Jewish prayer shawl
TALLISIM  plural tallis
TANKLIKE  resembling a tank
TANUKI  Asian dog
TECHIE  a technician
TERAWATT  a unit of power
TIMELINE  a timetable
TIMOLOL  drug for preventing heart attack
TORCHY  characteristic of a torch song
TOXICS  a poison plural
TRAPLINE  series of traps
TRIAGED  tense of verb to assign priority to projects on basis of most necessary
TRIPPIER  comparative of trippy
TRIPPY  characteristic of illicit drug trip
TRUCKFUL  as much as a truck can hold
TUCKSHOP  confectioners shop
TURK  young dynamic person
TYER  one who ties
ULTRAHIP  extra stylish
UNBAN  to reverse a ban
UNCUFF  to remove a cuff
UNMINED  not mined
UNMIX  to reverse a mix
UPLOAD  to transfer computer information by modem
UPSCALE  tense of verb to appeal to affluent customers
WAIFLIKE  resembling a waif
WEASELY  resembling a weasel
WEBWORK  intricate pattern suggestive of something woven
WHEYLIKE  resembling whey
WIDEOUT  a football position
WIFTIER  comparative of wifty
WIFTY  ditsy
WOOLILY  in a wooly manner
WUSSIER  comparative of wussy
WUSSY  a wimp or wimpish
XEROX  to photocopy
ZERK  a grease fitting
ZESTLESS  lacking in zest
ZIN  a dry red wine
ZOECIA  plural zoecium
ZOECIUM  body wall of marine animal
ZOOTIER  flashier
ZOOTY  flashy