Three Letter Verbs

Note: These lists exclude words containing heavy letters (J, X, Q, Z), , as well as any word commonly used as a verb

  • Three letter verbs which are hooks of twos
  • Three letter verbs which are not hooks of twos
  • Common three letter words having unusual verb forms

    Three letter Verbs Which are Hooks of Twos

    AAH	to express surprise
    ABY	to pay as a penalty (also ABYE; pa.t. ABID)
    BAA	to bleat as a sheep
    BAM	to hoax or cheat (n. BAMMER)
    BOP	to dance to pop music (n. BOPPER)
    BOT	to cadge
    BUR	to whisper hoarsely (n. BURRER)
    CAM	to whiten with camstone
    CAW	to cry as a crow (also KAW)
    DAE	a Scots form of do (pa.t. DID, pr.p. DAEING)
    DAP	to dip bait gently into the water when fishing (also DIB; n. DAPPER)
    DAW	to dawn
    DIB	same as DAP, above (n. DIBBER)
    DEE	a substitute for damn
    DIT	to block  
    DOD	to cut the hair of 
    DOP	obs. word for dip (n. DOPPER)
    DOR	to mock
    DOW	to be able
    DUN	to press for payment
    DUP	to undo
    EAN	to give birth to
    ECH	Shak. for eke out (also ICH)
    EFF	a euphemism for fuck
    ERE	obs. for plough
    ERN	an old spelling of earn
    FAY	to clean out (also FEY)
    FET	obs. for fetch
    FON	to compel
    GEE	of horses, to move on
    GEL	to form a gelatinous substance
    GIB	to fasten with a gib, a wedge-shaped piece of metal
    GIE	Scots. for give (pr.p. GIEING)
    GIP	to swindle (also GYP; n. GIPPER)
    HAE	Scots. form of have (pr.p. HAEING)
    HAP	to happen by chance
    HAW	to make indecisive noises
    HEY	to dance a hey, a winding country dance
    HIE	to hurry along (also HYE; pr.p. HYING, HIEING)
    HOA	to stop
    HOB	to furnish with hobnails
    HOD	to bob or jog
    HOH	same as HO (to stop)
    HOY	to incite
    HUP	to turn a horse to the right
    HYE	same as HIE, above (pr.p. HYEING)
    ICH	same as ECH, above
    KAE	to serve (pr.p. KAEING)
    KAW	same as CAW, above
    KEN	to know (n. KENNER)
    KON	Spens. for know (pa.t. KOND)
    LAM	to beat (n. LAMMER)
    LEE	Scots. for tell a lie
    LIB	to geld
    LIG	to lie about, idle (n. LIGGER)
    LIN	to cease
    LOO	to subject to a forfeit at loo, a card game
    MAA	to bleat as a goat
    MAG	to tease or chatter
    MAW	to mow
    MEW	(of a cat) to make a high pitched cry
    MOG	to move away
    NEB	to put a bill on
    NOG	to fix with a nog, a wooden peg
    NOY	Spens. for annoy
    NUB	to hang
    NYE	obs. spelling of nigh (also NIE;  pr.p. NYING)
    OBI	to bewitch (pr.p. OBIING)
    OOH	to express pleasure or surprise with 'ooh'
    OOP	to bind with thread, join (also OUP)
    OPE	poetic for open
    OUP	same as OOP, above
    PAP	to feed soft pap food to infants
    PEE	to urinate
    POO	to defecate
    PUR	obs. spelling of purr
    PYE	to reduce to confusion (also PIE; pr.p. PYEING)
    RAD	to fear
    RAH	to express joy with the sound of 'rah'
    REF	a short form of referee
    REN	an old spelling of run
    REP	to work as a representative
    RET	to soak
    RIF	to dismiss from employment
    RIN	Scots. form of run
    RIT	to score or scratch (also RITT)
    SAB	to sob
    SAR	Scots. form of savour (pa.t. SARED)
    SIC	to incite a dog to attack
    SOG	to soak
    SOP	to soak
    SOT	to act as a sot, a habitual drunkard
    SUP	to take liquid into the mouth
    SUS	to arrest for suspicious behaviour (pl. also SUSES)
    SYE	to strain (pr.p. SYEING)
    TAE	Scots. form of toe (pr.p. TAEING)
    TAT	to touch up
    TAW	to prepare skins for white leather
    TED	to spread out grass for drying
    TEW	to hustle
    TIG	to touch
    TOD	to yield a tod, an old wool weight (also TODDE)
    TOM	to behave like an Uncle Tom
    TUN	to put in a tun, a large task
    TUP	of a ram, to copulate
    TYE	to wash in a tye trough (pr.p. TYEING)
    UMP	to umpire
    VOR	to warn
    VUM	to vow
    WIS	to know
    WOP	to thump (also WHOP, WHAP)
    WOT	another form of wit, to know
    YAW	to deviate from a course
    YOK	to laugh (also YUK) 
    YOW	to yowl, howl
    YUK	same as YOK, above

    Three Letter Verbs Which are Not Hooks of Twos

    AKE	an old spelling of ache
    CLY	to seize or steal
    EIK	Scots. for eke
    EUK	to itch (also EWK, YUKE, YOUK, YUCK)
    EWK	same as EUK, above
    FEU	to grant or hold land in feu land tenure
    FEY	same as FAY (to clean out)
    FUB	to put off
    GYP	same as GIP (to swindle; n. GYPPER)
    HYP	to offend
    KEB	to give birth to a stillborn lamb
    KEP	to catch
    LEK	to gather and display cocks at a lek
    LEP	dial. for leap
    NIE	same as NYE (an old spelling of nigh ; pr.p. NYING)
    NIM	to take or steal
    RUD	to redden
    TSK	to utter such an exclamation of annoyance
    VAC	to clean with a vacuum cleaner (pa.t. VACKED)
    WAP	to throw or pull quickly
    WUD	Scots. form of wood
    YIP	to give a short, sudden cry
    ZIZ	to take a nap

    Common Three Letter Words Having Unusual Verb Forms

    AGE	to grow  old (pr.p. also AGEING)			
    ANT	pa.t. (of ante) ANTED; n. ANTING
    APT	obs. word for to adapt
    ARC	to form an arc (pa.t. ARCED, ARCKED)
    ARK	to place in an ark
    ASH	to convert something into ash
    AWE	to strike with awe (pr.p. also AWEING)
    AWN	to shelter with an awning
    BAY	to bark or howl
    BET	to wager (pa.t. also BETTED)
    BIB	to tipple
    BIG	Scots. word for build
    BIN	to place into a bin
    BIT	to curb or restrain
    BOY	to play (a female part) as a boy
    BUD	to produce buds
    BUG	to annoy
    BUS	to travel by bus (pa.t. BUSED)
    BUT	to put forward as an objection
    CAB	to travel by taxi
    CAT	to vomit
    COB	to strike
    COD	to hoax or make fun of (n. CODDER)
    COG	to furnish with cogs
    COW	to subdue
    COY	to caress
    CUB	to produce cubs
    CUE	to give a cue as a signal (pr.p. CUING, CUEING)
    DAD	to thump
    DAG	to cut the dags off sheep
    DEN	to retire to a den
    DEW	to moisten as with dew		
    DIE	to cut or shape with a die (pr.p. DIEING)
    DIG	to excavate (pa.t. also DIGGED)
    DIN	to make a loud noise
    DUE	Shak. word for endue  (pr.p. DUING)
    EAR	to produce corn ears
    ELF	Shak. word meaning to entangle hair
    EYE	to look at carefully (pr.p. EYING, EYEING)
    FAR	to remove to a distance
    FAT	to make or grow fat
    FEE	to pay a fee to
    FIG	to make an insulting gesture at
    FIN	to equip with fins
    FLY	to a hit a ball high into the air in baseball (pa.t. FLIED)
    FOG	to be affected by fog
    FOP	to deceive
    FUN	to play, frolic
    FUR	to cover or coat with fur
    GAP	to make a gap in
    GAS	to poison with gas (pa.t. GASSED; pl. also GASES)
    GEM	to adorn with gems
    GIG	to play a gig
    GIN	to process cotton	
    GOB	to spit
    GOD	to deify
    GUM	to smear or coat with gum
    GUY	to make fun of
    HAD	Scots. form of hold (pa.t. HAD)
    HAG	Scots. word for hack or hew
    HAT	to provide with a hat
    HAY	to make hay
    HEN	to challenge to a daring act (n. HENNER)
    HEX	to bring misfortune
    HIP	to carry on the hip
    HUT	to settle in a hut
    IMP	to engraft (a hawk) with new feathers
    INN	to put up at an inn
    IRE	to anger
    JAW	to chatter at length
    JIB	to show objection
    JOB	to work at jobs
    JOY	obs. for rejoice
    JUG	to stew in a closed pottery jar
    KIT	to outfit, provide with equipment
    LAW	obs. word for to take to court
    LAY	to deposit as a wager (pa.t. also LAYED)
    LET	to hinder (pa.t. LETTED)
    LID	to provide with a lid
    LIP	to touch with the lips
    LOT	to allot
    LOW	to make the noise of cattle
    MAD	to drive mad
    MAT	to entangle
    MAY	to gather may blossom
    MUD	to bury or hide in  mud		
    MUM	to act in a mime
    NEW	obs. for to renew
    NIB	to provide with a nib
    OAR	to row a boat
    OFF	to go off
    ORB	to form into an orb
    OUT	to put or throw  out
    OWL	to behave like an owl
    PAL	to associate as a pal
    PAR	to score a standard number of strokes in golf
    PAW	to scrape with a paw
    PAY	to remunerate (pa.t. also PAYED)
    PIE	same as PYE (to reduce to confusion; pr.p. PIEING)
    POD	to shell peas
    POX	to infect with pox
    PUG	to fill in with clay or mortar
    PUN	to make a pun (play on words)
    PUP	to give birth to puppies
    RAT	to hunt rats
    RAY	to emit rays
    RED	to put in order (also REDD)
    RIM	to provide with a rim
    ROD	to push a rod through
    RUE	to regret (pr.p. RUING, RUEING)
    RUT	to make a furrow with a wheel
    SEX	to identify the sex of
    SIR	to address as "sir"
    SKY	to hit towards the sky (pa.t. also SKYED)
    SOD	to cover with sods of turf
    STY	to keep in a sty (pa.t. STIED, STYED)
    SUB	to subscribe, substitute etc.
    SUE	to prosecute at law (pr.p. SUING)
    TAB	to name or designate
    TEA	to take tea
    TEE	to place a golf ball on a tee
    TIE	to fasten (pr.p. also TIEING)
    TIN	to coat with tin
    TIT	to tug
    TOG	to dress
    TUB	to bathe in a tub
    TUT	to say 'tut'
    URN	to place in an urn
    VAN	to go or send in a van
    VAT	to put or treat in a vat
    VET	to examine closely
    WAD	to form into a wad
    WAN	to make or become wan
    WAY	Spens. for to journey
    WET	to make wet (pa.t. also WETTED)
    WIG	to scold; to provide with a wig
    WIN	to winnow (pa.t. WINNED)
    WIT	arch. for to know
    WON	to dwell
    WOW	to impress
    WRY	to give a twist to (pa.t. WRIED)
    YAK	to talk persistently
    YEN	to desire or yearn
    YES	to give an affirmative reply to (pl. also YESES; pa.t. YESSED)