Three Letter Words Containing Heavy Letters

Note: These lists exclude words considered to be very common.

Hooks Containing Heavy Letters

ADZ+	Amer. form of adze, a cutting tool		
AZO	containing nitrogen
BEZ+	the second tine of a deer's horn
BIZ+	slang for business
COX	(verb)	to act as coxswain, a person steering a boat
DEX+	a sulfate used as a stimulant
DZO	same as ZO, ZHO (a cross between a yak and a cow)
GOX+	gaseous oxygen
HAJ+	a Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca
HOX	(verb) Shak. for hock or hamstring
JAY	a bird of the crow family
JEE	(verb) of horses, to urge on  (also GEE)
JIN	a supernatural being in Muslim mythology
JOE	same as JO (a Scottish sweetheart)
JOR	the second movement of a raga
JOW	(verb) to toll a bell
JUN	a coin of North Korea (pl. JUN)
JUS	a Latin word for a law or legal right
KEX+	a dry stalk
LEX+	a Latin word for law
LOX	(verb) to supply with lox, liquid oxygen
MAX+	obs. for gin, the drink
MIZ	short form of miserable, misery (pl. MIZZES)
MOZ+	a type of curse
MUX	(verb) to spoil, botch
NOX+	nitrogen oxide
OXO	containing oxygen (also OXY)
OXY	same as OXO, above
PAX+	a kiss of peace
PIX+	a box in  which coins are kept for testing
POZ	an old form of positive
QAT	an East African shrub (also KAT)
RAX	(verb) to stretch
REX+	an animal with a single layer of hair; king (pl. REGES)
REZ	a short form of reservation (pl. REZZES)
SAX+	a short form of saxophone; a slate chopper  
SOX	slang spelling of socks
TAJ+	a crown 
VOX	a voice (pl. VOCES)
WEX	(verb) obs. form of wax
WOX	obs. past tense of wax
YEX	(verb) to hiccup or belch (also YESK)
ZAX+	a variant of SAX (a chopper for trimming slate; also ZEX)
ZEA	part of a cereal, once used as a diuretic
ZED	the letter 'Z'
ZEE	Amer. form of zed
ZEL	an oriental cymbal
ZEX+	same as ZAX, above
ZHO	see DZO, above
ZIN	zinfandel
ZIT	a pimple
ZOA	a plural of zoon, a unified individual creature

Other Threes Containing Heavy Letters

COZ+ short for cousin (also CUZ) CUZ same as COZ, above (pl. CUZZES) FIZ (verb) to make a hissing or sputtering sound (also FIZZ) GJU same as GUE (a type of violin formerly used in Shetland) JAK an East Indian tree JAP (verb) short form of japan, to apply a black lacquer to JEU a game (pl. JEUX) JEW (verb) to cheat or get the better of JIZ a wig (also GIZZ; pl. JIZZES) JUD a mass of coal LEZ+ same as LES (a short form of lesbian) LUX+ a unit of illumination LUZ a supposedly indestructible bone (pl. LUZZES) NIX (verb) to veto or cancel PYX (verb) to test QUA in the capacity of RAJ+ sovereignty RIZ US past tense of rise SAZ+ a stringed instrument of North Africa SEZ slang spelling of says SUQ a marketplace (also SUK, SOUK) TUX+ short for tuxedo, a dinner jacket WIZ+ a very skilful person ZAG (verb) to change direction on a zig-zag course (also ZIG) ZEK an inmate of a labour camp in the former USSR ZIG (verb) same as ZAG, above ZIZ to take a nap ZUZ an ancient Palestinian coin (pl. ZUZZES)