Word Study Publications

Please be advised that after nearly 20 years of continuous operation, this website is being wound back to a vehicle for promoting the Word Study Publications compiled by the owner of the site, Bob Jackman.

The International Tournament Calendar is now being maintained on the WESPA website. Historical results of all International Tournaments since 1993 have been handed over to WESPA, and these can now be viewed or interrogated through the Aardvark feature on the WESPA website. Australian tournament software can be accessed through the Tournament Software section of the Australian website. Associated ratings software needs to be requested directly from the owner of this site, Bob Jackman. The link to World SOWPODS Sites has been retained here but will not be expanded upon.

Please take a moment to view the index of available Word Study Ppublications. Paypal users wordwide can secure publications direct from the author. Some publications are also available as eBooks.

Second edition now available directly from the publisher at www.trafford.com for only $US25, or directly from author - refer complete list of Word Study Publications

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