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About Me

I'm a keen bushwalker and photographer. The majority of my walking is done solo, although I also do some trips with a bushwalking club.

My style is rather relaxed - rambling would be a more appropriate description. To me, the journey is just as important as the destination. I like to stop and smell the flowers, or spend time on top of a mountain admiring the view. But by keeping daily distances moderate I also arrive at each day's destination with plenty of time to set up camp and explore the immediate surroundings. For me, this is the main advantage of walking solo - I answer to no one and can stop when I like for as long as I like. Of course, if I can find a like-minded companion then so much the better.

My favourite walking areas are in the Kosciuszko National Park in NSW. This park covers large alpine and subalpine areas at 1,200m or higher, and includes Mt Kosciuszko, 2,228m, Australia's highest mountain.

Come winter time, I also enjoy a bit of cross-country skiing. I'd like to try snow camping one day, but have enough trouble staying upright as it is without being burdened by a heavy pack.

These pages contain photos of some places I have visited. I hope they inspire you to give bushwalking a go. It's never too late to start - I was 45. There are also some links to places which provide useful information on how to get started.

These pages also contain photos of New Zealand's South Island. A friend and I travelled there in March 2001. We organised the trip ourselves using the Internet. New Zealand has wonderful scenery, as these photos and accompanying journals will attest to.

Copyright 2001. Text by Lauraine Reynolds

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