Arkley Stud bought their first Haflinger horses in 1979, and since then have been continuously breeding and selling horses.

In 1987, we travelled to Austria and selected a yearling colt, "WINTERSUN".
After various tests for fertility and quarantine, he finally arrived in Australia in 1988. He has been used for breeding extensively. He is the full brother to the famous stallion, "WINTERSTEIN", who has dominated World Haflinger Shows in Europe for many years.

Wintersun and his progeny have been regular winners at Agricultural and Royal Shows in led-in and ridden classes. Wintersun has for several years been participating in One & Three Day Events against all breeds and has been consistently well placed.

The breed is exceptionally versatile in that they are good in harness driving, trail riding, dressage, jumping and make a wonderful pony club mount ... in short they love to do anything with people!!

Arkley Stud is a licensed Artificial Insemination Centre. In 1994, we imported a new bloodline into Australia. We selected the United Kingdom Champion Haflinger Sire, "ALPINE". The first crop of Alpine foals were born in 1995, and have inherited Alpine's wonderful temperament. Then, in 1999 we imported “MARLON”  also from the UK, his foals are of very high quality. Both stallions were bred in Austria.


The Haflinger Breed

The Haflinger horse is originally from the town of Hafling in the South Tyrol mountains. Dating from Roman times, it has been a work horse working side by side with man in the high altitudes of the Austrian Alps. This close association with people is a great characteristic of the Haflinger breed. They are calm and have an inbred affection for their owners, they are highly intelligent and willing. This is the real joy of the Haflinger today.

Haflingers are spread through most of the countries of the world and in each country there is an association of dedicated breeders, which works rather like an extended family.

In Australia, we have horses which are mainly located in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales. The first seven horses were imported in 1974, by the Dalgety Land Company and numbers have grown considerably.
Arkley Haflinger Stud  is a member of the Australian Haflinger Horse Breeders Association. This Association controls the standards and registration of the breed in all States and New Zealand. The Association is a full financial member of the World Haflinger Federation.


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