The Little General?


A construction article for a simple receiver called "The little General" first appeared in the Australian publication Radio & Hobbies in April 1940. The set was an immediate success with many of these receivers being built from kit sets and junk boxes. Variations of the set continued to appear for many years with the last articles appearing in Radio & Hobbies March and April 1961.

Recently, I came across what I thought was a Little General. A little bit of investigation has shown that may not be the case. The valve line-up is a little different from the versions I have seen. The chassis looks to be purpose built for this set and I get the feeling it was probably a kit of some kind.

The cabinet is made of solid wood not ply and at first glance looks to be mass produced. Closer investigations reveal a hand made cabinet of high workmanship. The dial is a no-name brand to suit Melbourne stations. The electrical workmanship is quite good with only one mid-air joint and it seems the constructor took a lot care in the layout of the set.

One curiosity in the set was the connection to the grid of the mixer valve. There is no hole in the chassis to accommodate a wire from the antenna coil to the gang. The constructor melted a little hole in the base of the coil and passed the wire up through the coil can to the grid cap then ran a wire from the grid cap to the gang.

Here is the circuit. (I think I got it right!)

Perhaps someone out there can shed some light on its possible origin or make comments regarding the circuit etc.


Front View of cabinet             Front Chassis


Rear View             Under Chassis

Two wires to grid cap             Wire passed through coil can


Last modified Sunday March 11, 2007