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1st August 2003:

Have moved the site to its new domain name of www.paulturtle.com

24th June 2001:

The free mailing list service Listbot is being shut down. No new mailing
list customers can be accepted at the moment.

20th March 2000:

Added a new page featuring the CityRail 'Kellogg's Twists' ads. [Click Here]

5th January 2000:

Added a new page featuring the CityRail 'Kellogg's K-time' ads. [Click Here]

20th December 1999:

(Finally) added another few new links. [Goto Links]

Merry Xmas!

8th October 1999:

Added another few new links. [Goto Links]

4th October 1999:

After a 'tense' few weeks of collecting, I now have the full set of 24 CityRail tickets featuring the Cadbury 'Take TimeOut' promotional ads. [Click here]

5th September 1999:

Finally got around to updating 'The Gallery'. Previous 'Gallery' has been archived for those who missed it. [Click here]

25th July 1999:

Official launch of 'The Gallery'. New and unusual photos rotated regularly.

16th July 1999:

Another few new links. [Goto Links]

30th June 1999:

A few new links added.

2nd May 1999:

Special page added for the single deck interurban car CF5025 modified and used in the filming of the movie blockbuster 'The Matrix'. [Click here]

28th March 1999:

Full size photos and descriptions for the X100 and X200 Class Diesel Rail Tractors have been added. This brings total photographs to over 120.

21st March 1999:

Pages for a number of diesel locomotives have been added over the past two weeks. Thumbnails have been added to the X100 and X200 Class Diesel Rail Tractors.

23rd February 1999:

Added Tangara 22 photographs. Added 18 '42 Class' photos in temporary format.

31st January 1999:

DOH! The whole site is new!

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