First there was the 'DrumStick' ad on the back of CityRail tickets,
then we took 'TimeOut'.

At first I thought that there may have been 5 or 6 different designs, but as more examples were found it soon became apparent that there were many more.

Eventually it transpired that there where actually  24 designs in all, arranged as 4 repeating sets of designs on each of 6 different ticket rolls (designated 'AN', 'BN', ..., 'FN')  used in the automatic machines by CityRail

The names that I have used below are simply my own designations and should not be taken as 'official' in any way.

A big thanks to all those who assisted in collecting the full set of tickets.

Click here to see the new 'Kellogg's Twists' Tickets

Click here to see the 'Kellogg's K-time Tickets

'Take TimeOut' logo and ticket designs are no doubt copyright Cadbury and/or CityRail.

Roll 'AN'

"You Look Like You Need"

"Today's Calendar"

"The Boggle Eyed Man"

"Days Of The Week"


Roll 'BN'

"The List of 20"

"The Word Puzzle"

"Soap Opera"



Roll 'CN'

"The Target"

"Tai-Chi for your mind"

"Free Your Mind"

"How to take TimeOut"


Roll 'DN'

"Tell-Tale Signs"

"The Voodoo Doll"

"The Big TimeOut"

"Meditation Technique"


Roll 'EN'

"Join The Dots"

"The Maze"

"The Yellow One"

"Brain Teasers #2"


Roll 'FN'

"Brain Teasers #1"

"5 Minute Workout"

"The Cartoon"

"The Paper Clips"

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