First there was the 'DrumStick' ad on the back of CityRail tickets,
then we took 'TimeOut'...

And just when you thought it was safe
to go back to the ticket machine...

Out comes...

"Kellogg's K-time"

Oh well, it was over before it even got started. Whilst the previous 'TimeOut' advertising campaign had no less than 24 designs, there are only 6 K-time adverts currently on CityRail tickets. With previous designs, each roll of tickets was made up of a repeating pattern of 4 designs. As these new tickets don't appear to have roll designations, I don't yet know how they are arranged on the roll(s).

The names that I have used below are simply my own designations and should not be taken as 'official' in any way.

Click here to see the new 'Kellogg's Twists' Tickets

Click here to see the 'Cadbury TimeOut' Tickets

'KTime' logo and ticket designs are no doubt copyright Kellogg and/or CityRail.


"You've Missed Breakfast"


"Mobile Phone"



"Off The Rails"

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