Paul and Toniette Dolling
Cleve,  South Australia
0427 207045

2017 On Property Auction results

126 rams offered and sold

$1483 average
$2200 top price paid (2 times)

Photo Caption: Pictured after the 2016 Uralba White Suffolk sale are Don Cullen, Landmark Jamestown (16 rams for three clients); Landmark's stud stock manager Gordon Wood; Gavin Masters, Arno Bay (11 rams); Uralba principal Paul Dolling; Mick Noble, Elders Cleve (11 rams for six clients) holding lot 104, one of the two lucky lot numbers; and Andrew Bates, Verran (six rams) who is holding the Coopers product he won for purchasing that ram.

2016 On Property Auction results

120 rams offered and sold

$1380 average
$2000 top price paid (2 times)

Previous years On-property results

2013 top priced ram held by stud principle, Paul Dolling with Landmark agent Ian Hines and buyer John Flavell

Stud  Principal Paul Dolling hold the 2014 Top priced ram, with  buyer Tim Hagger and back, Gordon Wood (Landmark auctioneer), Phil Hagger (buyer) and Mick Noble (Elders Cleve)

Chis and Roger Lienert with the record priced flock ram  held by Uralba Principal Paul Dolling (2011)

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