NetFinder - The most Finder like FTP client for the MacOS.

What people have said:

Read the comments from some of the satisfied NetFinder users.
One of the more interesting ones is the following...

"Hi Peter,
I just wanted to say that after using an illegal copy of NetFinder for over
a year (yes, I know) I finally realised what a great program it is and have
surfed over to Kagi and registered it. - Does my conscience the world of
good. This realisation came after being forced to use Fetch 3.0.3 on a
clients machine for 2 weeks. Thank you and keep up the good work."
- K. Bacchus

Try NetFinder today. You don't know what you are missing out on.

Screen Shot:

We have provided a single screen shot that tries to encompass all the features of NetFinder. However, since there are so many features to show, you will just have to download the application (for FREE) and discover the rest of the features.

Show me the screen shot (160k).

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