9.0 Contacting The Authors

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If you have any bug reports or suggestions for NetFinder, we'd like to hear from you about them.

If you have a bug to report, please include the following information so we can replicate the problem and fix it:

  1. The type of computer you have (model, amount of memory, whether virtual memory or RamDoubler is installed), and any extensions you think may be part of the problem
  2. Whether you are using MacTCP or Open Transport and which version it is
  3. Which FTP site(s) cause the problem
  4. What settings/preferences you are using

If you can isolate the cause, then that will make it much easier and much more likely that we will able to fix the bug. It will also save us from having to ask you for more info. Here are several simple things to try:

  1. Turn off/on virtual memory or RamDoubler
  2. Turn off all extensions except networking extensions
  3. Giving NetFinder more memory
  4. Changing any preference to "compatible" if it has such an option
  5. Deleting the NetFinder preferences (in the "NetFinder 2 Preferences f" folder) and the Internet Config preferences (called "Internet Preferences" and located in your Preferences folder). If you want keep your current preferences, just move them out of whatever folder they are in (after first quitting NetFinder and/or Internet Config), run NetFinder and/or Internet Config to get a new set of preferences, and then try to reproduce the problem. If it goes away, it's probably a bad preferences file. To restore your preferences that you previously moved out, select the file(s) and choose "Put away" from the Finder's File menu.

If you need to send either of us some e-mail, send it to either:

Peter Li at <pli@ozemail.com.au> (networking issues and interface issues)


Vincent Tan at <vtan@iinet.net.au> or <VincentTan@kagi.com> (interface issues)

If you're not sure know who to send the mail to, send it to both of us.

Please put in the "Subject" field of your e-mail either

"NetFinder - Suggestion" for any suggestions,


"NetFinder - Bug" for any bug reports


"NetFinder" if you just wish to write about something in general.

We ask this of you because we both get our fair share of e-mail so we tend to ignore any e-mail that does not have a subject that tells us what the letter is about.

For bug reports, please specify these items:

We ask for this information because we receive many bug reports that are not very helpful because they lack sufficient information for us to track down the bug.

By helping us, you will help yourself: we'll fix the problem if we can, and you will have software that is more bug-free.

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Copyright © 1997-2000, Peter Li and Vincent Tan.