5.17.3 Menu Descriptions

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Use this menu to perform operations with connections, disks, files, folders, windows and printers. Edit Menu

The Edit Menu provides you with access to text editing commands, a text editing mechanism using an external editor and access to Internet and NetFinder preferences. Tools Menu

The Tools Menu contains command specific to Internet related protocols. Labels Menu

The Labels menu allows you to label bookmark items or items in a listing window when browsing using the FILE protocol (ie files on your Hard Disk). Lists Menu

The Lists Menu provides a collection of functions that help keep track of sites using bookmarks, group mirror tasks together using mirror lists and also provides quick access to creating a download queue. Shortcuts Menu

The Shortcuts Menu is used to add/organize a collection of objects to be displayed in this menu for easy access.
Shortcuts can be just about anything, including (but not limited to) Bookmarks (for FTP, HTTP and FILE protocols), Bookmark Lists, Mirror Lists, Download Queues, aliases to any of these files can also be used so they can be easily re-opened when you close the window. You can also include items or aliases to items on your hard disk, including scripts, aliases to applications, etc.

The advantage of creating items in this menu, is that not only can you easily access these items, you can assign command key shortcuts (of your choice) to these items, thus making often used items even easier to access and also improves productivity. For more information regarding assigning command key shortcuts to these items see the power users section Customize Command Key Shortcuts. Windows Menu

The Windows Menu contains a command to zoom the currently active window, allow you to bring into view the transcript, transfer log or transferred jobs window. This menu also contains all other windows currently being displayed in NetFinder. Scripts Menu

This menu is represented by a script icon in the menu bar. It allows you to create script to be saved in this menu for easy access. You can also assign command key shortcuts to items like in the Shortcuts menu. Register Menu

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