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NetFinder - The most Finder like FTP client for the MacOS.

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NetFinder 2.3
NetFinder v2.3 makes browsing on the Internet another step easier. The award winning NetFinder 1.x which was developed during the MacOS 7.x days, made users feel right at home by having an interface just like the Finder.

Version 2.3 not only has an updated interface to reflect the MacOS 8.x theme, it also adds support for HTTP, improved Firewall / Proxy support, secure storage of passwords using Apple's Keychain Manager, support for SSL FTP, ICI Script, previewing of Movies, MP3's and even Shockwave files, improved integration with BBEdit, Carbonized for native execution under OSX, mouse wheel support under OSX and much much more... See "Features" section.

Read about all the features. For that matter, why not just download a copy of NetFinder for FREE and try it out for yourself. You have nothing to lose.

Look at some general information including user comments and a screen shot.

MacWorld - Aug 2000 Review - 4 1/5 mice.
MacUser - 1997 Best Shareware - Best Internet Face-Lift.
Tucows - 5 cow rating.
MacDownload - 5 mice.
MacWelt (German MacWorld) - 5 mice.
FileDudes - 5 dude rating & Dude Approved!

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