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Peter Kinnell

BSc(Agric)   University of London
MAgrSc       University of Melbourne PhD             University of New England DSc             Australian National University



Adjunct Associate Professor of Land and Environment


After joining the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), I initially worked on splash erosion but then moved on to erosion by rain-impacted flow which became my main research focus.

Rain-impacted flow is important in interrill and sheet erosion. My work on the use of the product of runoff rate and rainfall intensity in modelling interrill erosion bacame the basis for the USDA's Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) interrill model released in 1995. Also, Sediment transport in rain-impacted flow causes particles to move downstream at rates that vary with their and size density. This has implications with respect to the loss of  nutrients, pollutants and carbon from sheet and interrill erosion areas

VIDEO: Demonstration of Raindrop Induced Saltation and Rolling in rain-impacted flow
VIDEO: Talk on the transport mechanisms operating in rain impacted flow

I have also worked on the development of hydrologically based erosivity indices for use in empirical erosion models like the USLE leading to the development of a NEW version of the USLE known as the USLE-M.

Publications                         Rain-impacted flow                     Soil loss Prediction (USLE-M)

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Institute of Applied Ecology
University of Canberra
ACT 2601 

Phone +61 2 6201 2326
Email: peter.kinnell@canberra.edu.au