Volkswagen syncro


1990 Transporter syncro

2.1 ltr MV Digifant engine (70kw)

4+G 4WD Gearbox  (6P)

15X7 Alloy Wheels

215/75X15 B F Goodrich A/T Tyres

VW Dual Battery Conversion

Alloy Roo Bar

Syncro 16" Wheel Arch Moulds

VW CV Joint Protectors

Alternator Belt Stone Guards

100 watt Headlights

Cibie Driving Lights


Syncros racing in The Australian Safari


  1. Always use genuine VW G11 or G12+ coolant with distilled or demineralised water to stop corrosion.

  2. Replace your black radiator cap with the modified blue cap to save bursting hoses (VW 025 121 321B).

  3. Use GL4 oil in the transaxle and only fill to 10mm below the filler plug to avoid blowing seals.

  4. Rotate your tyres regularly to avoid premature operation of the viscous coupling. Ensure that all tyres are the same diameter.

  5. Use minimum 95 (RON) octane fuel to avoid head cracking.

  6. Only use a toothed alternator belt (VW 025 903 137G) and do not overtension to avoid water pump bearing failure.

  7. Try to avoid tight turns on paved surfaces to avoid drive train damage.

  8. If you travel off road fit front drive shaft protectors (251 407 405/6) and alternator belt stone guards (025 199 913/5) if not already fitted.

  9. Do not fit higher wattage headlight bulbs without relays to avoid burning out ignition switches and fuse panels.

  10. If your van misfires (MV engine) after extensive highway driving fit modified wiring harness (VW 025 906 302) to the air flow sensor.  


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