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Unpromised Land: "Wilderness"
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This tablet depicts images of the wilderness in Sinai, where Moses died in search of the Promised Land for the Children of Israel.

Below is a chronology of the life and times of Critchley Parker, compiled for this project by Kevin Murray.

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1911 born in Melbourne as only son to mining expert Critchley Parker Senior

1913 Isaac Jacobs succeeds in setting up nine newcomer Russian-Jewish families on an orchard settlement in Victoria’s Goulburn Valley

1917 Balfour Declaration commits Britain to establishment of Jewish national home in Palestine

1935 Nuremberg Laws disenfranchise all German Jews

1937 Critchley Parker Senior publishes Tasmania: The Jewel of the Commonwealth praising the state’s potential for development

1938 Australia sends representatives to Evian for world summit of growing refugee problem; reduces refugee intake; Parker befriends Caroline ‘Linka’ Isaacson, Women’s Page editor of The Age

1939 Jewish immigration to Palestine curtailed after religious riots; London-based Freeland League proposes East Kimberley as a settlement for 50,000 refugees fleeing Nazism; Isaac Steinberg arrives in Australia to explore Kimberley as potential homeland for the Jews fleeing Europe; meets Caroline Isaacson who commends Critchley Parker’s Tasmanian alternative; Britain declares war on Germany

1940 Tasmanian Premier declares the state’s interest in Jewish settlement

1941 Parker accompanies Steinberg on tour of Tasmania to favourable reception

1942 Parker sets off for Port Davey in May, but was refused government assistance because of unsuitable seasonal conditions; gales lash the port and his distress smoke signals are undetected; retires to tent and writes in journal his vision of ‘a Paris of the south’ harnessing the enterprise of the Jews to the challenge of a new world; writes final letter to Steinberg, ‘…if as I hope, the settlement brings happiness to many refugees and in so doing serves the state of Tasmania, I die happy.’; matches soaked and unable to light more fires; Parker’s body discovered in September by Dale family at foot of Mount McKenzie

1944 Prime Minister Curtin rejects proposal for block settlement

1948 State of Israel declared